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Family Guy

Season 4 Episode 25

You May Now Kiss The...Uh...Guy Who Receives

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2006 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Brian's gay cousin Jasper visits the Griffin house and announces that he is engaged to his partner and wants to be married at their house. When Mayor West bans gay marriage in an effort to cover up and bring attention away from a scandal of his own, Brian resorts to hostile actions to try to change the Mayor's mind. Lois and Peter question their view towards gay marriage while Chris joins the "Young Republicans" Club to impress a girl.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Underrated classic.

    I'm glad season 4 finally is being looked back at as a great season. It has a lot of hilarious episodes.

    But this one still hasn't gotten the appreciation it deserves. I never hear this episode being talked about and while PTV, Brian Does Hollywood, Stewie Loves Lois, etcetera, ARE amazing episodes, this one is too.

    Hom'ophobia is still a very present issue in today's society, so this episode feels just as relevant now like it did back in 2006. Jasper is a pretty funny character, so it's good to see him get his own episode, even though the episode is more about Brian. There are lots and lots of not only hilarious moments, but also those that make you go "Oh man, that's so true" and shake your head at the stupidity of terror propaganda against gay marriage and the sheer ignorance of people using Christianity as an excuse to look down on gays. The cutaways are top-notch too, my favorite being when the animals in Noah's ark starts having sex with the wrong species. That was priceless.

    Anyone who ever thought of MacFarlane as a hom'ophobe, see this episode and you might change your mind. This was a big brave step towards raising awareness and tolerance and for that, this episode is one of the most important ones of Family Guy ever. A masterpiece.moreless
  • Mayor West bans gay marriage while Brian's cousin get engaged

    Brian's gay cousin Jasper visits the Griffin house and announces that he is engaged to his partner and wants to be married at their house. When Mayor West bans gay marriage in an effort to cover up and bring attention away from a scandal of his own, Brian resorts to hostile actions to try to change the Mayor's mind. Lois and Peter question their view towards gay marriage while Chris joins the "Young Republicans" Club to impress a girl. A somewhat boring episode throughout but it has a decent storyline. Cutaways are pretty much the highlights here for this episode. There's pretty much nothing to said about. I do recalled that there's 4-6 parts that made me laugh (outside of the cutaways) and a few funny lines. Overall this episode was great but it isn't the best storyline. 8/10moreless
  • I was never really a fan of Jasper

    Brian's gay cousin Jasper visits the Griffin house and announces that he is engaged to his partner and wants to be married at their house. When Mayor West bans gay marriage in an effort to cover up and bring attention away from a scandal of his own, Brian resorts to hostile actions to try to change the Mayor's mind. Lois and Peter question their view towards gay marriage while Chris joins the "Young Republicans" Club to impress a girl

    The only part I liked was Adam west thinking he was a tomato, and Quagmire singing The Witch Doctor.

  • this was good

    Brian's gay cousin Jasper comes to town and announces he is getting married. But, Mayor West bans gay marriages. Brian tries to fight Mayor West on this, but who will end up winning, the dog or the mayor?

    It was alright. Some funny parts. They handled the gay characters better here than they did when Peter was gay in Family Gay (in that one pretty much all jokes were stereotypical on gays; this one might have had some but it wasn't based all around that). And I liked Brian winning in the end. One of those that's not stupendous, but it is an entertaining way to spend 22 minutes of your timemoreless
  • "Family Guy" makes history by taking an important stride to promoting important rights for gay people! :D

    This episode is definitely one of Seth Macfarlane's riskiest moves yet! Making an episode about whether or not gay people (a gay dog and a gay man) had the right to marry. What Mayor Adam West wants is for nobody to remember he pulled a bone-headed move when he built a giant gold statue of Smackem the Frog. A distraction is needed, and this time, it's banning gay marriage in Quohog! :shock: But Brian cares about his cousin Jasper's happiness with Ricardo and Brian isn't about to see Jasper's chance for happiness taken away! He decides to get the names of 10,000 people sign his petition to appeal this decision. Un-fortunately, Chris picks the worst possible time to try to join a political party when he join's an evil sect of Republicans! And a girl promises a tempting offer that if Chris destroys Brian's petition, Chris will get a little S. and M. if you know what I mean! :twisted: So Chris destroys Brian's petition! :evil: But Brian isn't about to throw the towel, and stays up all night getting 10,000 signatures for his petition again! Doing stuff he wouldn't have done under normal circumstances! But in an act of cruelty, Adam West Throws Brian's petition out the window! :0 Brian decides desperate times call for desperate measures! He grabs a gun and forces the Mayor into a stalemate. Meanwhile, Lois Griffin is watching the events unfold at her parents house and finally realizes how committed Brian is to protecting the rights of gay people! But it's only when she learns how much her straight parents hate each other that Lois decides that gay people who love each other have as much of a right to be married as anyone else! She drives to the Mayor's office and tells Brian that Brian needs to let Adam go because he's hurting his own cause with this hostage situation. Brian decides that Lois is right and he let's Adam go. But in a twist, Adam also relents and tears up his ban, keeping gay marriage legal! Everyone gets a happy ending! :Dmoreless
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Alex Borstein

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Mila Kunis

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Seth Green (I)

Seth Green (I)

Chris (and various)

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Seth MacFarlane

Peter / Stewie / Brian / Quagmire / Tom Tucker (and various)

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Chad Morgan


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Michael Clarke Duncan

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Stark Sands


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Adam West

Mayor Adam West

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Danny Smith (IV)

Danny Smith (IV)


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Lori Alan


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • The title of the film that the priest shows Lois is "The Homosexual and You" with the note "Produced by Pat Robertson Industries"

    • The sign on the door reads "Society of Arch-Republican Students (S.A.R.S.)"

      A poke at the real SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)

    • When Chris asks Brian when the last time he had sex was, he said three years before 1986. But in the episode called "Brian In Love" he says he is seven. That episode was aired 2000. That would mean he was born in 1993 so it would have been impossible for him to have sex in 1983. It was ten years before he was born.

    • Mayor West's List of Political Diversions

    • Outlaw Flag Burning
    • Use Escape Pod
    • Scapegoat the Jews
    • Commit Suicide
    • Scapegoat the Blacks
    • Scapegoat the French
    • Scapegoat the Jews Again
      (Call Them "New Yorkers")
    • Start a War
    • Jingle Keys

    • This is the second episode where the game "Stratego" appears. The First episode being in "The Kiss Seen Around The World".

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Dr. Hartman: Sir, I think you should know these growths on your forearms, they're giant tumors.
      Popeye: (gibberish) Oh dear.
      Dr. Hartman: Yeah, I'm surprised you haven't realized this is not how a human being is supposed to look.
      Popeye: (gibberish)
      Dr. Hartman: And the speech thing and what you're doing with your eye, uh, you had a stroke about 7 years ago.
      Popeye: (gibberish)
      Dr. Hartman: That you've managed to be walking around all this time is nothing short of a miracle.
      Popeye: (gibberish)
      Dr. Hartman: I'd say about 2 months.

    • Jasper: All I ever wanted was to marry a skinny, hairless Filipino boy and live happily ever after. Isn't that the American dream?

    • Mr. Pewterschmidt: (indicates his wife) Look at my wife! Do you think I love her?!
      Lois Griffin: Wait a minute. Are you saying that two straight people who absolutely hate each other have more of a right to be married than gay people who love each other?!
      Mrs. Pewterschmidt: Well, that's what we raised you to believe.

    • Jasper: Guys, this is Ricardo, from the Philippines and my kitchen floor.

    • Carter: Who's talking about love? We're talking about marriage!

    • (When Brian catches Chris burning the petition)
      Chris: I'm gonna get to touch right-wing boob for this.

    • Chris: I think I made Brian crazy. Maybe I shouldn't have burned that petition.
      Alyssa: Oh, no. Chris, you did the right thing. It's only a matter of time before Mayor West signs that bill, and you'll get to touch these. (Indicates her breasts)
      Chris: Oh, boy. I gotta feeling that before the end of the day, I'm gonna be burying my dog.
      Alyssa: Whoa, whoa. I said you could touch my boobs, let's start with that.

    • (When Chris asks why he should destroy the petition)
      Alyssa: Because if you do, I'll let you touch my boobs.
      Chris: I-is that good? Do I want that?
      Alyssa: Oh yeah, you want that.
      Chris: Well, fantastic then.

    • Herbert: (to Brian) You get off my property, you pervert!

    • Peter: Ah Jasper, where'd ya get these brownies?
      Jasper: They're from a bakery in the West Quahog Gay District. I thought they'd help my depression.
      Peter: Oh, I can see why, oh my god, they pack so much fudge into these. Look at this, there are even a couple of nuts lodged in there.

    • Mr. Pewterschmidt: Pah, gay marriage. Next thing you know they wanna vote!

    • Chris: But Brian, the bible says gay marriage is an abomination.
      Brian: Oh, don't give me that Young Republican crap, Chris. The bible also says a senior citizen built an ark and rounded up two of every animal (cuts to a scene on Noah's Ark where Noah confronts the elephant and the penguin).
      Noah: Hey!
      Elephant: Yeah!
      Noah: What the hell is this? (refers to the elephant-headed penguin the elephant and penguin gave birth to)
      Elephant: Oh! You didn't give any specific guidelines about mating.
      Noah: Did you name it?
      Elephant: What!
      Noah: Did you name it?
      Elephant: Uh yeah, he's Paul.
      Noah: Yeah! Well it's going to be a hell of a lot harder for you now cause he's going the **** overboard.

    • Chris: What do you do at a Young Republicans meeting?
      Alyssa: We help those who already have the means to help themselves. Also, we perpetuate the idea that Jesus chose America to destroy non-believers and brown people.
      Chris: I don't understand what you're saying, but somehow I feel safer.

    • Peter: By the way Lois, I got a piercing over there. I'm not going to tell you where but I will give you a hint: it wasn't on my nose or my ear and it was one of my balls.

    • Stewie: Did you hear that Meg? Guys can marry other guys now. So this is awkward but I mean if they can do that, that is pretty much it for you, isn't it? I mean you as well pack it in. Game over.

    • Mayor West: (hit by brick and starts to bleed) My God I'm a tomato!

    • Chris (talking to kid with hackysack): She's so pretty that if your hackysack were my private parts, I'd let her do that to them.
      Kid: What? Kick 'em around?
      Chris: Umm, wait. (pause) Yes.

    • Stewie: (to Jasper) Hey, "Mcbutt the Crime Dog", I heard you and your little chew toy getting it on last night. Keep it down.
      Jasper: Sorry, little guy, we were playing Clue and he got me in the bedroom with a lead pipe.

  • NOTES (0)

  • ALLUSIONS (10)

    • While collecting signatures against the Gay Marriage ban, Brian stops at Quagmire's. When Quagmire protests he sings the chorus to the Witch Doctor song by Ross Bagdasarian, Sr, aka David Seville.

    • The Gay Stamp

      It looks very similar to the "Ass" stamp, which was popularized by the NBC talk show "Late Night with Conan O'Brien".

    • Mayor West: "Oh no! I'm a tomato!"

      Catch phrase of the character Arthur Bronswagger on the internet puppet show The Funday Pawpet Show.

    • Stewie calls Jasper "McButt the Crime Dog" which is the name of "McGruff the Crime Dog" who does drug commercials to tell kids not to take drugs and "take a bite out of crime".

    • Priest: ...I've also got My Giant with Billy Crystal.

      My Giant was a film about an agent who finds a very tall man that he wants to star in movies. It stars Billy Crystal, and former NBA star Gheorghe Muresan.

    • Peter: ...is that like Supermarket Sweep for you guys?..

      Supermarket Sweep was a TV game show that featured contestants in a supermarket where if they answered more questions correctly, the more time they had to grab anything in the store.

    • Popeye: After Lois chides Peter for insulting Jasper and his partner, a scene cuts to Popeye, receiving a diagnosis from Peter's doctor, who tells Popeye that the reason for his slurred voice and what he does with his eye is from a stroke he had seven years ago, while the growths on his forearms are large tumors. This is simply poking fun of Popeye's behavior in the Fleischer-Kings Studio-Paramount shorts, where he hardly speaks coherently.

    • Episode Title: You May Now Kiss The... Uh... Guy Who Receives

      This is a pun on "You may now kiss the bride."

    • Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

      The scene where Han Solo slices Peter open with Luke Skywalker's lightsaber and places Luke inside Peter's body to protect Luke from the cold is a reference to Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, where Han did almost the exact same thing, the only difference being the fact that he cuts open a Tauntaun rather than Peter.

    • A scene in this episode shows Peter singing in a recording studio with 2 other guys. The 2 other guys are part of the band "The Proclaimers," and the song being sung was their massive hit single "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)".