Family Guy

Season 11 Episode 4

Yug Ylimaf

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 2012 on FOX

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  • Decent entertainment

    Epic show
  • Nostalgic

    ti dekil yllaer I.
  • New concept, fairly entertaining!

    I think with this episode, the concept was new for Family Guy and thats what, in my opinion, made it successful. I mean, since when has there been a Family Guy episode where everything goes backwards? Lazy or not, this episode was refreshing whilst nostalgic at the same time!

    We got to see the classic vomiting scene and it was awesome to see Cleveland falling out of that tub again. Oh how I wish they'd just bring Cleveland back to Quahog....

    Quagmire's reverse sex scene was hilarious and please don't think I'm some sort of pervert, but I swear this is the first time we've actually SEEN Quagmire engaged in sex!

    What I don't like, however, is what Brian is becoming. He's always been a lady-charmer, but he always tried to engage with women's feelings. Now he's just Quagmire's successor, and for Brian, the intellect of the family, that is just sad. I just hate the fact that he's turning into some sleaze-ball. The cynicism, the wit, the suicidal depression, I actually like. However, the careless womanising, not so much.
  • I don't care what you think, I like this episode.

    Yug Ylimaf is about Brian trying to get chicks by using Stewie's time machine and lying that it's his home. He sends these babes by sending them back in time to a bunch of different events. One chick realizes that there is a trip counter. Brian panics and tries to come up with a solution. He decides to roll the counter numbers backwards. This causes a giant explosion that knocks Stewie and Brian out. They wake up the next (previous?) morning to notice that time is going backwards. They see things like Stewie's diaper being changed, a chicken fight backwards, and Greased Up Deaf Guy heading toward the gas truck. Stewie notices that time is going faster backwards, and he also discovers that he's getting younger, as well. He tries to fix the direction of time, but he gets too young, and he's about to be reborn. It's now up to Brian to fix the machine.

    I, myself, have always been afraid of time going backwards. But I really enjoyed this episode. I anticipated for it when it debuted on Adult Swim. I am also not a fan of Brian and Stewie duet. That's the reason I'm not rating it 10. 9/10. Great episode, good plot, poor duet.
  • Yug Ylimaf

    Yet another Stewie and Brian time travel episode. We've gotten a bunch of these, and while they're never bad, it was not quite memorable. Some strong and funny jokes thrown in, and an intriguing story, albeit outrageous, so I'll give it a passing grade.
  • I am so F***ing Sick & Tired of these Gay Ass Stewie & Brian Episodes!!!

    I actually managed to Watch this Full Episode & I have to say that This Episode F***ing Sucks because there is No Character Development & No Story whats so ever in this Episode. It's just yet ANOTHER Typical Gay Stewie & Douche bag Brian Adventure. It starts off with Brian taking his Bimbos into Stewie's Time Machine so He can have Sex with Them in the Past where Tragedies took Place. Then sooner or Later Stewie finds out that Brian has been using his Time Machine to go out with his Bimbos & claim that it was his & then The Time Machine Glitches Out because of Brian & then The Whole World is moving in Reverse except for The Two of Them & then Brian must do something before Stewie becomes Unborn. This is One of The Worst Episodes of New Family Guy Ever Why Because I am so F***ing SIck & Tired of seeing Douche bag Brian & Gay Stewie on some ***ed Adventure. Plus Before I saw the Clips for this Episode or The Entire Episode & I just read the Title of this Stupid Episode I then Predicted that Stewie & Brian would Throw Up in Reverse & Guess What I was Freaking Right. A True Comedy Sitcom Show you aren't supposed to Predicted a Joke! Also another Peter & Chicken Fight are you Shitting Me, That's getting so F***ing Old it's not even Funny. They Kill Innocent People in those Ridiculous Fights, I know it's just a Show but Killing Innocent People isn't exactly Humor or Beating someone Up for No Reason isn't Funny Either. Plus they always Beat Up each other for no Reason & it's getting Old. Plus The Toilet Humor just won't End with Vomiting in Reverse to putting back on a Dirty Diaper & then your Shit goes back in your Anus. They could have done something Clever with this but as Usual They F***ed it up but what do you expect from a Bunch of Manatee's as Writers. Anyway I saw a Reversed Clip for The Peter vs Chicken Fight & it didn't even sound like it was a Normal Fight with The Same Sound Effects or The Same Violent Music it sounded all Wrong. Every time when someone Talks besides Stewie & Brian they don't talk in Reverse instead they Talk Perfectly Normal while they do Stuff in Reverse. Wow Talk about Lazy & they could have put Subtitles on the Bottom to know what they say in Reverse. Either Way Worst Episode Ever & I am so Sick & Tired of Stewie & Brian Episodes. 1 / 10
  • A wonderful episode

    I am actually not bored of the Brian and Stewie mean they work so well hope Seth keeps on making more Brian and Stewie don't agree that these episodes are worth as low as 1 and the fox trailers i thought there would be a bit a great episode with Stewie and Brian and perfect pair:)
  • Brian should be put on a lease (Literally!!) He keeps messing the time travel episodes

    Every time those 2 go on time travel adventures, they have to go back and fix things because Brian uses his massive ego to ruin things. This is the second time he does this. Taking girlfriends back in time to tragedies was sick. He could have at least gone back to Woodstock which was the era of love which could have been cool. Seeing everything in reverse including the chicken fight and the vomiting scene was sick and I almost changed the channel. Completely unfunny. They should bring Meg and Chris along with them and get a new perspective. I agree with BlackWall500. Enough of Brian and Stewie Seth!! Bring on new teams and work on them. More Peter and Brian and even Chris and Stewie.
  • 200 episodes later and family guy stays one of the most funniest messed up shows on TV

    now ive only been watching family guy since 2007. ever since then this show has become one of my favorite. its funny, crazy, stupid, messed up but at the same loving. the characters are lovable and incredibly strange in their own way. and now that its been 200 episodes..i couldnt wait to see how they would handle it..and it was right on the money.

    a brian and stewie episode. perfect. i love thes episodes that pair those 2 up. brian abuses stewies time machine and things start going backwards. soon enough stewie is going to be unborn. this epuisodes makes us re-live some of the shows funniest skits and gags. in the end its up to brian and well..he ends up saving not just stewie..but the whole world from time what-ever-ya-call-it. and brian is my favorite character so uh...that makes it even better.

    great job family guy. great job seth u gave us 200 fantastic episode to look at. now give us that movie you have been talking about a few years ago.