Family Law - Season 1

CBS (ended 2002)


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  • Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law
    Lynn represents a priest who is on trial for an attempted murder he claims was an attempted exorcism, Andres reveals a shocking secret when he's threatened with deportation.
  • Love and Money
    Love and Money
    Episode 22
    First Danni and then Rex take on the case of a woman suing her husband for half of the $48 million estate that he wants to give to charity; Randi fights for the rights of a mentally challenged couple to keep custody of their daughter; Lynn has problems dealing with the tragedy of her previous case.moreless
  • Second Chance
    Second Chance
    Episode 21
    Lynn takes the case of a cop who broke a restraining order to be with his kids, something she later regrets, Danni pleads the case of a former childhood icon who refuses to give up his cherished puppet which he claims was given to him, Randi gets into a minor car accident and panics when she's accused of DUI.moreless
  • The Witness
    The Witness
    Episode 20
    Rex and Randi represent a pair of brothers: one a murder suspect, the other a witness; Danni tries to help a cleaning lady keep the $500,000 mistake in her bank account; Lynn realizes she's not living environmentally correct and tries to make some changes.
  • Playing God
    Playing God
    Episode 19
    Lynn defends a woman, who runs a foundation for children born to crack-addicted mothers, when the woman pays an addict $200 to be sterilized so she wouldn't have any more crack addicted babies; Danni represents a mother who wants to send her son to Bhutan because she believes he is reincarnation of the High Lama; Michael attempts a reconciliation.moreless
  • Necessity
    Episode 18
    Rex defends an elderly woman on charges of drug dealing when she sells medication to the elderly at discount prices; Danni and Randi fight for the freedom of a Children's Services employee who kidnapped a child from his abusive parents; Lynn and Michael try to put aside their differences to take the kids camping.moreless
  • Metamorphosis
    Episode 17
    Lynn takes desperate measures to help a woman regain custody of her son; Rex battles his ex-wife over support payments; Randi tries to communicate with her estranged daughter.
  • Are You My Father?
    Are You My Father?
    Episode 16
    Lynn's case involving a woman suing a televangelist for child support takes a surprising turn; Danni represents a woman who wants custody of her daughter. The problem: the woman was formerly a man.
  • A Mother's Son
    A Mother's Son
    Episode 15
    Rex and Randi fight to show that the adopted parents of a mentally disturbed boy are not responsible for the boy's murderous act; Danni finds herself at odds with her father when she takes the case of a man fighting his ex-wife for $1 million in lottery winnings. The problem: the ex-wife is now dating Danni's father.moreless
  • Stealing Home
    Stealing Home
    Episode 14
    Lynn represents a woman trying to keep her molester husband away from their daughter; Danni represents a celebrity hairstylist who mocked a client in front of a roomful of people.
  • Human Error
    Human Error
    Episode 13
    Viveca passes the bar and joins Rex's practice. Her first client is a college football star who allegedly parked in a handicapped space, resulting in the injury of a paraplegic; Rex and Lynn represent a former convict who wants to reclaim custody of his daughter.
  • Media Relations
    Media Relations
    Episode 12
    Rex and Lynn defend a 10 year-old boy accused of murdering a little girl for her bike; Randi represents a man who claims his wife put a hex on him; an unexpected event puts an end to Danni & Don's relationship.
  • Decisions
    Episode 11
    Lynn acts as mediator in her friends' decision of how their dying son should spend his last days; Danni defends her father after he's arrested for a hit and run; Rex tries to make a commercial showcasing his skills, but it doesn't go as he planned.
  • Four Drops of Blood
    Four Drops of Blood
    Episode 10
    Rex defends a woman accused of murdering her one child and abusing the other; Randi represents the "spokesman" for Mr. Chips potato chips when he's fired for being too old; Lynn goes "trolling" for clients.
  • Holt vs. Holt
    Holt vs. Holt
    Episode 9
    Lynn and Michael square off in court in a battle between a cancer-stricken employee of a lingerie company and the owners that fired her shortly after her mastectomy; Rex represents the inept son of a professional thief.
  • The Fourth Trimester
    Over Lynn's objections, Danni represents an L.A. Laker being sued for child support; Rex represents a man who confesses to bombing the Federal Building 30 years ago; Randi goes all out to make a deadbeat client pay his bill.
  • Games
    Episode 7
    Danni and Rex take opposites sides of a case involving kids on a soccer team and their overzealous parents; Andres asks Randi's help in representing a friend who has money coming to him from a wealthy former client. But her testing of his skills makes Andres very uncomfortable; Lynn finds herself with a moral dilemma when she represents an Afghani couple trying to stay in the United States even though he is wanted for burglary in his homeland.moreless
  • The Nanny
    The Nanny
    Episode 6
    Lynn represents a couple desperate to get custody of their granddaughter, even though it goes against their deceased daughter's wishes; Rex's mentally ill older brother breezes into his life after a two year absence; Danni represents an obnoxious actor suing a paper for ruining his career after they claimed he was dead; Randi and Andres's relationship heats up.moreless
  • The List
    The List
    Episode 5
    Lynn helps an old friend deal with his troubled daughter, who's created a list of people she wants to kill; The woman Michael left Lynn for comes looking for a job; Danni and Don's relationship heats up; Danni learns that Randi is getting some "attention" from a surprising source.
  • Prisoners
    Episode 4
    Randi represents a correctional officer charged with raping an inmate. However the case hits too close to home since she knew the officer when she was in prison; Lynn starts to represent a famous young actor in a divorce case; Danni's relationship with Don becomes more complicated.
  • All God's Creatures
    Lynn tries the case of a woman seeking custody of her children from their racist father; Danni hopes to rekindle the flames with her new client, who is also an old boyfriend; Rex represents a man injured by exploding beached whale blubber; Sweet memories abound when Lynn and Michael start dividing their property.moreless
  • Damages
    Episode 2
    Lynn helps Rex represent a couple seeking damages against the doctor who neglected to tell them that their child would be born with Down Syndrome; Danni turns marriage counselor to a couple divorcing; Randi reveals a dark chapter in her past; Lynn sets out to show Michael how hard it is to juggle a career and parenting.moreless
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    After losing her husband and clients all in one day, Attorney Lynn Holt sets out to rebuild her life. With some help from Danni Lipton, an ambitious almost junior partner, Lynn decides to rebuild her law practice by subleasing her offices to two other lawyers, Rex Weller and Randi King. Lynn's first new client is a former drug addict trying to win back custody of her children.moreless
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