Family Law - Season 2

CBS (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Planting Seeds
    Planting Seeds
    Episode 24
    Lynn works to get a 14-year old prostitute emancipated so she can be independent and get off the streets; Joe and Danni represent a man who wants custody of the embryos he and his ex-wife have frozen; Randi turns to an unlikely source when she can't get her granddaughter to sleep through the night.moreless
  • Clemency
    Episode 23
    The staff has a week to stop the execution of a 25 year old man who shot up his high school 7 years earlier.
  • Recovery
    Episode 22
    Randi fights for custody of her granddaughter after her daughter is killed by her abusive husband; Rex helps a rock star get a permit to open a drug rehab center in Beverly Hills; Danni's petition to adopt is denied and she is devastated to learn that one of the partners wrote a negative letter to the Dept. of Children Services.moreless
  • Americans
    Episode 21
    Lynn and Joe help a woman whose ex-husband kidnapped their children and now seeks refuge at the Indian reservation where Federal laws do not apply; Danni continues in her quest to adopt Rapheal.
  • Bringing up Babies
    Bringing up Babies
    Episode 20
    Lynn and Randi help a woman who left her baby at the doorstep of Holt & Associates; The boy who Danni helped months ago asks her to be his foster mother.
  • The Gay Divorcee
    The Gay Divorcee
    Episode 19
    Joe and Lynn fight to help a gay man retain custody of his two adopted children after his partner of 12 years gets engaged to a woman and sues for sole custody; Randi tries to help a 55 year old woman get back child support for the father who abandoned her at a young age.moreless
  • Safe at Home
    Safe at Home
    Episode 19
  • Safe at Home
    Safe at Home
    Episode 18
    Rex defends Lynn's friend who's charged with manslaughter after her younger son kills her oldest with her handgun. Complicating things is the boy's father who is suing for sole custody of the boy, placing an anti-gun Lynn in the position of defending her friend who continues to own a gun.
  • Soul Custody
    Soul Custody
    Episode 17
    Danni and Randi must deal with a complicated child custody case involving a deeply religious couple. The mother, an Orthodox Jew, and the father, a born again Christian, both want sole custody of their 5 year old daughter so she can live by one faith. The trouble is: how to convince a judge that one faith is better ?moreless
  • Liar's Club (2)
    Liar's Club (2)
    Episode 16
    The firm is at risk when Joe is arrested for money laundering by an overzealous attorney; Danni's unemployed boyfriend, Alex, asks to move in with her.
  • Liar's Club (1)
    Liar's Club (1)
    Episode 15
    When a 19 year old student who worked for Joe over the summer is arrested for drug trafficking, the US Attorney offers him a deal: help nail a drug dealer and he can go free. Though Jamie is eager to take the deal and rat on one of Joe's former clients, Joe warns against it. Meanwhile Danni helps a 36 year old sue his rich parents for cutting off his allowance and against her better judgement finds herself falling for him,moreless
  • The Quality of Mercy
    Lynn defends a man charged with manslaughter when he helps his terminally ill wife committ suicide; Viveca sues a beachfront property landlord for discrimination when he refuses her residency because she's a lawyer.
  • Separation
    Episode 13
    Randi and Joe fight to keep a set of newborn Siamese twins from being surgically separated; Lynn is upset when Michael's new girlfriend tries to bond with her kids.
  • Film at Eleven
    Film at Eleven
    Episode 12
    Lynn sues a local television station when it airs exploitative footage of her shirt being ripped off by an angry mob; When she tells her the wrong court date, Patricia is forced to impersonate Viveca to prevent a client from losing a case that involves a wedding dress that wouldn't fit.moreless
  • Intentions
    Episode 11
    Danni defends a woman charged with murder when she miscarries her baby after a drinking binge. Though disgusted by her client's behavior, Danni feels she has to defend a pregnant woman's right to choose what to do with her body; Lynn represents a hooker seeking palimony from a longtime ex-boyfriend/client.
  • Generations
    Episode 10
    When Randi helps a battered woman get a restraining order against her husband, the Dept. of Children's Services decides that the woman is an unfit mother because she chose to stay with her abusive husband; Lynn is torn between acting as Cassie's mother or her friend; Danni gets another shot at becoming partner.moreless
  • Echoes
    Episode 9
    When Andres attacks a man his mother claims is the Chilean army colonel who killed her husband and tortured her 27 years ago, the firm sets out to prove that the man is a notorious war criminal.
  • Family Values
    Family Values
    Episode 8
    Joe and Lynn butt heads in the case of a hospital's decision to drop one man from the kidney recipient list and replace him with one of their doctors; Danni represents a couple trying to keep custody of their chimpanzee; Randi and Andres have trouble dealing with his return to the firm.moreless
  • For Love
    For Love
    Episode 7
    Rex defends his schizophrenic brother against a murder charge when he pushes someone into the path of an incoming car. But the job is made more difficult when his brother insists that he did nothing wrong and won't let him plead insanity; Lynn and Randi go to the INS in order to get Andres readmitted to the U.S. and end up learning a shocking secret.moreless
  • Telling Lies, Conclusion
  • Telling Lies (2)
    Telling Lies (2)
    Episode 6
    Danni & Joe bring a class-action suit against the Dept. of Children's Services; Lynn and Rex compete for the same caregiver.
  • Telling Lies (1)
    Telling Lies (1)
    Episode 5
    Danni is appointed case advocate for a 9-year old boy. But when she learns he is being brutally abused by his foster father, her pleas to Children's Services for an investigation go unheard; Lynn represents grandparents seeking custody of their delinquent teenaged grandson when his parents send him overseas to a prison-like boarding school.moreless
  • Going Home
    Going Home
    Episode 4
    Rex fights to get his schizophrenic brother released from the county mental hospital; Danni and Randi take opposite sides in an ugly custody case involving an emotionally disturbed 5-year-old. However the case takes a suprising turn when it's learned that the child was switched at birth with another.
  • Affairs of State
    Affairs of State
    Episode 3
    Lynn tries valiantly to help a dying friend obtain a divorce from her politician husband, who is trying to stall the proceedings because her death will give him the sympathy vote in the upcoming election; Lynn makes Joe a partner over Rex and Randi's objections, while the partnership decision regarding Danni comes to a head.moreless
  • One Mistake
    One Mistake
    Episode 2
    Lynn is faced with a moral and legal dilemma when her client in a child custody case confesses to molesting his daughter; Randi tries the potentially ground-breaking case of a man suing his bartender for serving him drinks that led to his having a one-night stand which destroyed his marriage; the attorneys decide to expand their practices by forming a partnership.moreless
  • The Choice
    The Choice
    Episode 1
    Lynn is pitted against her old acquaintance, cutthroat lawyer Joe Celano, in a case involving a child's adopted parents and the Guatemalan woman he was taken from; Danni's reaction to Lynn's partnership offer unnerves Lynn.