Family Matters

Season 8 Episode 5

3J in the House

Aired Unknown Oct 11, 1996 on ABC

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  • It was okay.

    To be honest, I thought this episode was boring. It dragged on and it was very predictable. Why would the Winslows say no to taking in 3J? I don't think they were ever going to say no. Of course, the episode did have some funny spots and I thought that if not for the storyline, the episode would have been much better. The writing was below expectations, the acting was average, and the comedy was sub-par. The only thing I liked was the bit between 3J and the Winslow kid. Overall, this was an okay episode, but I wanted more. Thank you.
  • 3J moves in with the Winslows.

    Steve created a potion called Odego that accelerates living molecules to hyper speeds, to quote Steve "And you smell perty too!". But anyways, Carl is cleaning up after a poker game the morning after the game, and Steve comes in and tells him all about his new invention. Carl doesn't believe that it works, so when Steve leaves to go a neighbor, Carl decides to try it. It works, and when Harriet comes down the stairs and "sees" Carl going really fast picking up the living room, she thinks she's hallucinating and runs back upstairs. The only other thing that happened in the episode is that when 3J runs away from the orphanage, he hides out in the Winslow's attic. But they don't know it, so when they get a call from the orphanage telling them that 3J's gone missing, they go looking for him. They search all night, but one of Steve's inventions ends up finding him in the attic. The Winslow's agree to become his foster parents, and he of course lives with them. Well that's it, I got nutin' more to say about this here episode.
  • 3J makes the show jump the shark, but I don't mind.

    He's an okay characer, and he gives the show a 'hood' element. This episode was okay, especially the insult barrage between Eddie and Laura. Steve, as always is up to his usual clumsy antics. This was a great episode and 3J will be on the show as a permanent character.
  • 3J moves in!

    In this episode 3J moves in to the Winslow household after Harriet starts to feel bad for the kid. Carl and Harriet fight over whether or not to have 3J move in. This was a change for the show because they had both 3J and richie. It was a good storyline for the 8th season. This was around the time people were saying the show was past its prime.