Family Matters

Season 5 Episode 4

A Matter of Principle

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 1993 on ABC

Episode Recap

In the main plot of the episode, Harriette puts her job as head of security at the Chicago Chronicle in jeopardy when she debates whether to cut her security staff as part of budget reductions. Carl's advice leads to an all out confrontation between her and her boss. When she refuses to let anyone go, they fire her from her position. In the subplot, Myra transfers to Urkel's school to be closer to him and many students anger her immediately when they call Steve a nerd and a duck after his poem. She defends him by telling the students off she doesn't care what they think of him nor her in the matter and she thinks he's perfect the way he is in her eyes in her poem about him. Waldo agrees with Myra for once and thinks she should get an A for her defense, while the other students call her crazy for defending Urkel. Just when Carl was going to apologize for his advice, Harriette tells him she was glad she took his advice. He asks her why and she explains that she wants her children to be very assertive with their decisions in life. Later on, Myra gets some ill advice from Eddie and Laura on how to capture the nerd's reluctant heart. Although at her house, Steve agrees to stay with her until Laura is willing to love him back.