Family Matters

Season 4 Episode 15

A Thought in the Dark

Aired Unknown Jan 29, 1993 on ABC

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  • Great episode.

    I liked this episode because Myra first appeared. It was the beginning of a great relationship between Steve and Myra. Laura and Ted wanted to find a date for Steve, so Myra was picked to be the one. Steve didn't think he would like her, but they turned out to be a great and natural pair. It was fun to see them interact and also to play off one another. The episode had some great writing, funny moments, and some great comedy. Overall, I thought it was just a great episode and also a landmark one where Myra first came on the show. Thank you.
  • In order to get Steve off their backs, Laura and Ted sets Steve up with a date with Ted's brainy cousin Myra. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette discuss when it is the right time to help out their kids.

    This episode was fair. I like the subplot involving Harriette and Carl discussing their kids(all THREE of them).

    This episode also only centered around the Winslow clan meaning Carl, Harriette, Eddie, Laura and Judy. It gave Judy a little stand-out scene and it was hilarious. It showed a little insight on her, but it wasn't much.

    This episode also had another major milestone: the first appearance of Myra, Steve's girlfriend. Steve didn't warm up to her at first, but when he relaxed with her they hit it off. However, Steve admits that he will always love Laura and will not give up in pursuing her.
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