Family Matters

Season 1 Episode 14

Baker's Dozen

Aired Unknown Jan 12, 1990 on ABC

Episode Recap

One evening at dinner, the kids are trying to get away from doing chores when Carl gives them his own special tarts. Because he rarely cooks, the family is dubious about how good they are until they start eating them and instantly love them. As they are Carl's family recipe, he offers to share the recipe to Eddie, and agrees to make a batch for Rachel for her book club, even though the recipe is supposed to stay inside the family. Rachel comes back from her meeting, excited that one of the members; who owns a chain of restaurants, is interested in buying Carl's tarts. Laura and Rachel quickly want to enterprise the concept, inflating Carl's ego, despite Harriette's hesitation, they agree to go along with it. After all, how hard could it be?

Rachel makes the arrangements with the company, but spends the advance she received to buy the ingredients and a large mixer for the tarts before breaking to the family she'd accidentally agreed to a "dozen, dozen" tarts in total, due in three days. The family decides to press on, not giving into Harriette's argument that twelve hundred tarts in three days is impossible. All goes well at first, but their nerves are soon well under pressure as they force themselves to continue filling the bill. On the second night, Rachel accidentally squirts Carl with her bag of filling, causing him to retaliate believing she'd done it on purpose. Eddie and Laura start in on each other and they have a massive food fight. Steve walks in and gets pelted with tarts before Harriette walks in and breaks it all up.

The next morning, Judy wakens the family who says that the tarts were completed. The family agrees never to join a venture like that again, but Harriette praises them all for completing the impossible. Rachel returns with a check, but the family is disappointed that after all the expenses they only earned $24. The group manages to work up the nerve to get up and clean their mess of a kitchen, but they back out at the last moment, agreeing to invest the $24 into someone to clean the kitchen for them.

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