Family Matters

Season 9 Episode 15

Crazier for You

Aired Unknown Jan 30, 1998 on ABC

Episode Recap

Recap from the first part of Crazy for You: Steve is rejoicing that he got a date with Laura, but Myra is bitter over the fact that he dumped her for real(although it was really her own fault that she had pretended to break up with him as a ploy to get him to renounce his love for Laura and stay with her). She and Stefan were first successful with stopping their date, until he actually felt guilty about the whole thing. Myra is still spying on Urkel in her room and is still bitter over the fact that Laura forgave Steve and is willing to give him a second chance.

Steve tells Carl about the whole thing, including his date with Laura and his breaking up with Myra. However, he isn't convinced about the whole thing and tells Urkel that he needs to be sure it's over because there's still a chance that Myra isn't going to give him up without a fight. Carl revealed to Steve what happened to him while he was dating Georgia(a previous girlfriend in his life), when he met Harriette. Just after he buys her a ring, Georgia ended up breaking his heart and he was free to love Harriette. That was until a couple of days later, she came back into Carl's life regretting her decision to call it quits and did exactly the same thing to him that Myra was doing to Urkel(since like her, Georgia had refused to take no for an answer).

The next day, Urkel came by Myra's house to confront her and demanded an explaination to why she and Stefan prevented his date with Laura last night. Myra confronts him about what he even saw in Laura that makes him want to be with her, when he had someone else who loved and accepted him as like herself. Just before he had a chance to tell her why he loved Laura, her mother, Frau Monkhouse, asks for her assistance to help her grandmother out of the tub because she's stuck again. Myra leaves and Steve presses the remote control which reveals an illegal surveillance cam in her room. Urkel is upset to have found out the truth about her spying on him using a spy cam attached to his new glasses. He was angry that Myra violated his privacy once again by spying on him that he smashed his glasses and confronted her about it. When she returned to her room, Steve demanded for an explaination to why she had spied on him with illegal surveillance gear and a spy cam on his glasses. Myra reveals she's been spying him for a month because he refused to renounce his love for Laura by eloping with her. Therefore, she refuses to give up stalking him until he dumps Laura and stays with her. Urkel refuses and demands that she renounce her love for him immediately because there is no way in hell he'll take her back the way she is right now. He also demands that she stops calling him, faxing him, writing him, etc. since he loves Laura. Myra refuses and asks him for a movie date. Steve refuses and runs out of her home calling her an insane, love sick puppy for nerds.

At the living room, Carl was forced reveal to Harriette that his wedding ring was meant for Georgia, who broke his heart years ago. She is depressed and Laura confronts him about it the next day in the kitchen as he's ironing his own clothes. When Carl tried to explain that the ring he bought was was a meaning of his love for Harriette, he eventually realizes that he'll be ironing for a long time because she was right about him. He had bought the ring originally intended for Georgia, but she broke his heart in 1972.

Myra still refuses to take no for an answer and she tried to pose as Laura for their date at Amore. While she managed to gain her rival's forgiveness before she had her arrested for stealing her watch. Steve refused to believe his ex-girlfriend by calling Myra a bad liar and exposes her in public by revealing to the people there that she violated his privacy by spying on him with the spy cam she attached to his new glasses(he ended up wearing his old ones because of her).

At the Winslow home, Harriette is still depressed that Carl lied to her about her wedding ring. He makes it up to her by giving her a new wedding ring with her name on it. He asks her to continue being the love of his life which she agrees to.

The end credits shows the three people at the Chicago Police Station with Laura being charged for stealing a watch, which were later dropped when Steve exposed his ex-girlfriend for manipulating her. Next, Myra was charged for stalking and violating Urkel's privacy by spying on him with an illegal spy cam she set up in her room as surveillance that was attached to his new glasses. The police confiscated everything from her room and are pursing criminal charges against her for stalking and spying on her ex-boyfriend. Even though Steve wasn't charged because he didn't do anything wrong, he was there for his picture(he stands straight at 6 feet tall smiling and waving).
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