Family Matters

Season 9 Episode 14

Crazy for You

Aired Unknown Jan 23, 1998 on ABC



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    • Eddie: (shoots two criminal targets, then a target made to look like Laura) What the-? Dad, that's Laura!
      Carl: That's right, you just killed your sister.
      Eddie: Oh, my God.
      Carl: You see, Eddie, that's why it's important for a cop to use good judgment. Because on the streets, those are real people in your line of fire, not cardboard cutouts, and they all have families, and friends.

    • Eddie: Mom, they're just pictures, made out of cardboard.
      Harriette: But they represent real people made of flesh. I'm sorry, Eddie, I have to side with your father on this one.
      Eddie: Mom!
      Harriette: If there were a top ten list of things not to do as a cop, I bet shooting civilians would be in there somewhere.

    • Eddie: (after blowing away all the cardboard targets) I did it, I shot all the criminals!
      Carl: Yes, but you also shot an innocent bystander and a hostage.

    • Stefan: (after seeing Myra's Steve wallpaper) Have you ever seen the movie, Fatal Attraction?
      Myra: No.
      Stefan: Rent it. It's about you.

    • Steve: (when he hears the doorbell) I'll get it! Oh, I'm the only one here... disregard!

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