Family Matters

Season 4 Episode 3

Dance to the Music

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 1992 on ABC

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  • what song play doiong the dance with ted and laura

    It said give so so much to give so much love to me is it a real song or was it just for the show comment below with the artist and song thank you
  • Decent episode.

    It was actually a sad episode in a way. Steve had to get past his feelings for Laura and try to make her happy. He decided to find her the date she always wanted for the dance. It was hard for him and it really was quite hard to watch. Steve did the nice thing in trying to step aside and be mature. The episode had some decent comedy, average writing, and some nice acting. It was also an entertaining episode with some refreshing humanity being shown. Overall, it was a decent showing and I was very much interested to watch. Thank you.