Family Matters

Season 9 Episode 19

Don't Make Me Over

Aired Unknown Jun 26, 1998 on ABC

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  • Whoa didn't see that going to happen

    In this episode Myrtle can over for a visit and she ends up tring to get a better make over so Eddie would go on a date together or be girlfriend and Boyfriend and thought out the whole series Eddie don't not kiss Myrtle because Jaleel white Plays Myrtle and he's a guy and it would be wacked out werid and funnny if Myrtle was play by a woman then she dress more better than She tries to kiss Eddie than after all Myrtle just gives up than Eddie tell her what he going to do with out her in his life then she his I don't give a Damn LOL that is so funny !
  • Myrtle is creepy.

    Myrtle tries for the last time to catch Eddie and she undergoes a huge makeover to do so. Laura and Maxine try to help her, but instead of being successful they end up at a crossroad. Their last resort is to completely change Myrtle. Myrtle changes her dress attire dresses into the 90's decade. I thought this was a decent episode and was funny in some areas. The writing was okay, the comedy was decent, and I thought that th best scene was at the end where Myrtle realizes how silly she has acted. Overall, it was a good episode and was entertaining. Thank you.
  • this episode can teach most of us teenagers a lesson! it can give us good thoughts on what we really want, instead of going for things that we dont need and that isnt a waist of time! i as a teenager know how it is to want something, and not recieve it!

    this episode is amazing and it makes since! i like the way the episode is "titled" and everything. "steve urkel" is such a good character and he is the right person to play in family matters. i even like the fact that "myra" plays a role in the tv show. they both seem to make a good team working together and doing the show together. it seems that it makes the show more interesting when watching the show. it's sad that myrtle gets the "terrific" makeover and "eddie" still dosent like her, but the decision was a good decision that myrtle made, and that decision was "to stop running after eddie". i think that us teenagers can learn a lesson from that,like if you really want something that aint even worth your time, dont try to get it, because it will not benefit your life, it's just a waist of time, and when things are a waist of time, you dont get what you really need!