Family Matters

Season 5 Episode 8

Dr. Urkel and Mr. Cool

Aired Unknown Nov 12, 1993 on ABC

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  • One of the best.

    This was one of the best episodes of Family Matters. I thought that it was not only funny, but I realized that the show had some great actors and actresses. I enjoyed watching the transformation of Steve Urkel into Stefan. That was entertaining and also funny. My favorite moments was when all the girls were drooling over Stefan and when he came to the party. The reaction was very uncommon as Steve is not exactly a player in the game. So I thought it was really refreshing to see him get the ladies for once. I have to say that it was a great episode. Thank you.
  • This is a awesome episode

    Freakin' Laura telling Steve to change the way he is and Steve does it everyone likes the way Steve is that way the Show is popular.Then Steve makes a lixer call coo-genes or something and the funny thing is that cool-genes tastes like Snapple but they don't said what type of Snapple it is I love Snapple. Then Steve turns to Stefan Urquelle and he's like the coolest guy in the planet is he's cooler than anyone thats awesome that Stefan Urquelle made be the cooest guy in the planet but he cares about himself and he'd shallow and I really like the part when he turns back to Steve. I got any cheese LOL that's so damn funny I like that
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