Family Matters

ABC (ended 1998)




Episode Guide

  • Season 9
    • Lost in Space (2)
      Lost in Space (2)
      Episode 22
      Urkel has to come to the rescue when a wandering satellite punctures the spacecraft in which he's traveling, preventing him and a team of astronauts from re-entering the Earth's atmosphere. Meanwhile, as Carl tries to help Harriette understand her son's need to be a police officer, Eddie's meter maid duty takes a dangerous turn.moreless
    • Lost in Space (1)
      Lost in Space (1)
      Episode 21
      NASA wants to test Urkel's prize-winning artificial-gravity invention in space—with him along for the ride. Meanwhile, Harriette conspires to get Eddie reassigned to a precinct desk job out of fear for his safety.
    • 7/3/98
      Armed with flowers and diamond rings, Urkel and Stefan each 'pop the question' to an unsuspecting Laura, leaving her with a major dilemma.
    • Don't Make Me Over
      Episode 19
      Myrtle Urkel tries for the last time to get Eddie. and Laura and Maxine give her a complete and total makeover to help.
    • 6/18/98
      Urkel accidentally becomes a stowaway on a train with Carl. Laura's not impressed by Maxine's rich new boyfriend, D'Andre.
    • Polkapalooza
      Episode 17
      Eddie gets a new apartment, but Carl overstays his welcome. Meanwhile, Laura goes to the biggest polka fest with Steve and discovers he has done a lot in the polka community.
    • 6/5/98
      Cousin Myrtle dukes it out in the boxing ring with Greta to win Eddie for her own. Meanwhile, 3J searches for his birth mother.
    • Crazier for You
      Episode 15
      Urkel is shocked to discover that Myra has been spying on him, but he thinks she's really snapped her cap when she starts dressing like Laura. Meanwhile, Harriette discovers that her wedding ring was originally intended for another woman.
    • Crazy for You
      Episode 14
      Myra and Stefan join forces to try to halt Steve and Laura's date. Meanwhile, Carl tries to control Eddie's trigger-happy finger during police training.
    • 1/16/98
      Urkel decides to call it splitsville with Myra, but freaks out when she beats him to the punch. Meanwhile, Eddie quits school and decides to become a police officer - just like his dad.
    • Grill of My Dreams
      Episode 12
      Urkel becomes a teppanyaki trainee at a Japanese restaurant. Commissioner Geiss leaves his pet parrot in Carl's care for two weeks.
    • Deck the Malls
      Episode 11
      Steve gets all wrapped up in the Christmas spirit when he takes a job as a gift-wrapper, but the new gig leaves him little time to spend with Myra; Carl plays Santa at the mall and appoints Laura to be his elf; a disappointed Richie learns that his mom won't be with him for the holidays.moreless
    • 12/5/97

      Urkel's visiting hip-hop cousin, O.G.D., makes a bad first impression on the Winslows—hitting on Laura, spouting controversial ideas, and influencing 3J in a decidedly negative fashion. Meanwhile, a crooked thug who is owed $4,000 by O.G.D. arrives in town looking to collect on the debt.

    • A Pain in Harassment
      Harriette's new boss has a reputation for being tough, but his employees are blindsided by his verbal abuse as well. Meanwhile, Urkel tries to win a million dollars with a basketball half-court shot in L.A.
    • Trading Places
      Episode 8
      Jealous Stefan cooks up an elaborate plan to swap places with Urkel, suspecting Laura is attracted to him. Meanwhile, Eddie decides to follow Carl around on "the beat" with a video camera.
    • Stevil, the evil ventriloquist dummy, is back to haunt Urkel, but now he's brought along a nightmarish sidekick, Carlsbad. Together Stevil and Carlsbad attempt to take over the souls of Urkel and Carl—wreaking havoc on the whole Winslow household.
    • Urkel doesn't mind at all when a chemistry experiment allows him to eavesdrop on the thoughts of everyone around him, but being able to hear what people are thinking soon becomes far too overwhelming. Meanwhile, Carl becomes a troop leader for the Junior Woodsmen.
    • Unbeknown to Urkel, Laura has given him Eddie's little black book to use as an invitation list to Eddie's 21st birthday party, and all of ex-girlfriends show up. While Eddie isn't having a happy birthday party surrounded by his exes, Carl looks to prove to Commissioner Geiss that he's right for a promotion to captain.moreless
    • 10/10/97
      Steve comes to Laura's rescue when she gets drunk at a fraternity party. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette keep their anniversary plans a secret from each other, but not from Eddie, who finds himself in the middle of their fight.
    • 10/3/97
      When Myrtle ends up hospitalized after saving Eddie from being hit by an oncoming car, he promises to take her to the debutante ball. Meanwhile, Laura disappoints Carl when she goes to the Sizzle Club in a skimpy dress after agreeing to change into something less revealing.
    • 9/26/97
      When Commissioner Geiss and Carl go on a duck-hunting excursion, Urkel shows up at the lake with a camera to "shoot" the ducks, but is shocked to discover they're actually trying to kill the ducks. Meanwhile, Laura "borrows" her mom's diamond earrings for a hot night out at the Sizzle Club and comes home an earring short.moreless
    • Out With the Old
      Episode 1
      Steve undergoes an image makeover in order to take part in a kissing auction hosted by Laura's sorority; Carl feels threatened by Harriette's promotion and decides to moonlight as a parking attendant.
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