Family Matters

Season 2 Episode 12

Fast Eddie Winslow

Aired Unknown Nov 30, 1990 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • After Carl sinks the 9 ball, in a subsequent view the 9 ball is still on the table, then a few moments later it's back off the table.

  • Quotes

    • Eddie: You new here?
      Boyd: Yep, I'm from Bullwater, Texas.
      Steve: Bullwater?
      Boyd: Yep. Small place—you lie down, your feet are in another town.

    • Eddie: You don't even know anything about me. Hustler: Sure we do! (snaps his fingers) Assistant: (reads off the notepad) You live at 263 Pinehurst Ave. Your phone number is 555-6278. Your parents are Carl and Harriette Winslow. Your sister is Judy, who's on the verge of getting a D in English.

    • Rodney: Can I hurt him?
      Eddie: Not in the house.
      Rodney: Steve, come on outside. I wanna show you something.
      Steve: Wa-uh!

    • Boyd: Name's Boyd Higgins, but my friends call me Buck!
      Eddie: Name's Eddie Winslow, but my friends call me… Eddie.
      Rodney: I'm Rodney, but my friends call me Rod-meister.
      Steve: And I'm Steve Urkel! And I don't get many calls!

    • Harriette: How's the book?
      Judy: Boring. Look how big and thick it is!
      Harriette: (reading) Swiss Family Robinson!
      Judy: Who wants to read about cheese?

    • Carl: So, uh, what's goin' on?
      Steve: Boyd whipped Eddie. Eddie borrowed money from me. I'm playing Boyd double or nothing. I was kickin' butt. Boyd broke my glasses. Five hundred on the line. Can't see a darn thing.
      Carl: Nice summary.

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