Family Matters

Season 2 Episode 22

Finding the Words

Aired Unknown Mar 22, 1991 on ABC

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  • Harriet and Rachel's father returns.

    Harriet and Rachel's father returns. This episode had a dramatic plot and a very interesting one that kept you watching. The ending had to be the best part of the episode. Rachel goes to Harriet and asks her if shes okay and they talk about re-welcoming their father back into their lives. The ending was very sweet and warm to see them forgive their father after all those years he was away. This was a very special episode and a series classic. The plot and script were perfect. Also aside from the main story Steve trying to impress Laura with his grizzly bear story.
  • This episode had very funny scenes. But it was also very dramatic as well. I've always said if you keep the script and try not to be over the top, the outcome is great

    I love this episode. One of my all time favorites on Family Matters. I think because it didn't revolve around Urkel. Paul Winfield is such a wonderful actor. I've heard his voice on City Confidental. I think of him in the same sense of Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones. Larger than life and not a big shot. They just love what they do. Paul did a fantastic job playing a dramatic role in a sitcom. That is not easy to do. But he was so likeable as well that you would not think of him as a deadbeat Dad. I think all kids who idolize their dad should watch this episode. Sometimes we all aren't lucky enough to have a dad growing up. Bottom line: great episode.
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