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Steve's Alter-Ego's Episodes

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    [1]Aug 6, 2008
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    I need to find the Episodes where Stefan & Myrtle Urkel appear in because they skipped them on Nick. Man, Nick sucks at showing episodes. Well, I need to find those episodes to watch them because they just showed the episode when Eddie ditches Steve to be in the Fraternity Beta Chi, & the Stefan Episodes, where like 3 Episodes before.
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    Try Youtube. They have some clips of those on there.
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    I wanna see urkel/laura in the final season! They're so cute together!!
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    Here are the Episodes:

    For Stefan:

    Dr.Urkel And Mr.Cool(Stefan's first appearance, which he is a jerk)

    Stefan Return

    To Be Or Not to Be 1 & 2(Steve was stuck as Stefan for a while after Carl was accidentally transformed into Carl Urkel)

    We're Going to Disney World 1 & 2

    Teacher's Pet

    Tips For A Better Life (Subplot only, since Eddie's drinking was the main storyline)

    Send In The Clones (Became a permanent human after Steve clone himself)

    Paris Vacation (Three parter)

    Home Again

    It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

    Love Triangle

    Who's Afraid Of A Black Book

    Trading Places

    Original Gangsta Dawg (Steve and Stefan's telephone confrontation with their cousin)

    Crazy For You Part 1 (Helped Myra until he felt guilty of trying to break up Laura and Steve and refused to have anything to do with her)

    Pop Goes The Question

    Bruce Lee Urkel

    The Substitute Son (Bruce Lee Urkel's first appearance in the subplot.)

    Random Acts of Science (Steve and Carl teamed up in this alter ego to kick theSerpents' ass.)

    Karate Kids (Steve, 3J and Richie team up to beat the Pirhanas)

    Albert Einstein Urkel and Elvis Urkel

    Ain't Nothing But an Urkel.


    Robo Nerd (developed a mind of his own until Urkel shut him down)

    Robo Nerd 2 (returns and helps Carl end the robber's long streak of thefts.)

    Steve Winslow(not really an alter ego form but decided to add him here)

    It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Urkel. (Laura's guardian angel teaches hera lessonwhen she becomes Laura Urkel.)

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