Family Matters

Season 2 Episode 13

Have Yourself a Very Winslow Christmas

Aired Unknown Dec 21, 1990 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Alone and fending for himself during the holidays, Steve shatters Laura's old fashioned Christmas ornament along with holiday visiting privileges at the Winslows'. Meanwhile, Carl does battle with other shoppers as he searches for a scarce teddy bear for Richie.

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      • Judy: A CD player! Look out! I'm musically armed and dangerous!
        Eddie: Whoa! Check out my new boom box! (laughs)
        Carl: Hey. Please tell me we got 'em headphones, too.
        (Hariette nods)
        Carl: Thank God.

      • Carl: (after Rachel tells him that Richie wants nothing but a Freddy Teddy for Christmas) So, what is it? You need some money, Rachel? Is, uh, Fuddy Duddy expensive?
        Rachel: Freddy Teddy. No. It's not that. It's just that I've been to every toy store in town, and they're all sold out.
        Carl: Oh.
        Rachel: You know, the toy companies do that on purpose. See, they deliberately create a shortage, which increases demand, which shoots up their profits!
        Carl: Rachel?
        Rachel: You know, they don't give a HOOT about the customer! It's just money! Money! Money! I tell ya, it just burns my boots.
        Carl: Rachel...
        Rachel: Y'know what? I'm'a call my congressman. N-n-no! I'm'a call the senator! Oh, forget that! I'm callin' the PRESIDENT!

      • Carl: I'll call Al Mushman.
        Rachel: Oh, who?
        Carl: Al Mushman. Our equipment supply officer. He can find anything. If there's a "Fonky Franky" within 500 square miles...
        Rachel: Freddy... Teddy.
        Carl: Whatever. Mushman will know where it is.
        Estelle: Carl?
        Carl: Yeah?
        Estelle: Is Al Mushman cute?
        Carl: I guess.
        Estelle: Is he single?
        Carl: Yes.
        Estelle: And he can find anything?
        Carl: Right, Mama.
        Estelle: Then tell him he can find me here tonight at 8:00.

      • Steve: I'm spending Christmas with my Uncle Cecil.
        Carl: I thought your Uncle Cecil was busted for operating an unlicensed hot-tub club.
        Steve: He beat that rap. He had a Polaroid of the judge tickling the baliff with a rubber ducky.

      • Eddie: Steve, you shouldn't have told Richie that Santa was going to bring him a Freddy Teddy.
        Steve: Well why the Sam Hill not?
        Laura: Because Aunt Rachel's having a hard time finding one.
        Steve: Well, why's she even bothering? That's Santa's job.

      • Richie: Hey, Steve, I'm gonna ask Santa for a teddy bear.
        Steve: Well, were you a good boy this year?
        Richie: Well, I had a pretty good August.

    • NOTES (2)

      • The German episode title is "Urkels größter Wunsch", meaning "Urkel's Giant Wish".

      • Music: "Winter Wonderland" performed by Reginald VelJohnson, JoMarie Payton, Rosetta LeNoire, Darius McCrary, Kellie Shanygne Williams, Jaimee Foxworth, Bryton McClure, and Telma Hopkins; "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" performed by Jaleel White

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