Family Matters

Season 4 Episode 22

Hot Stuff

Aired Unknown Apr 30, 1993 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Eddie discovers his car seems to be missing, he goes to open the garage door. A crew member can briefly be seen on the right of the screen, wearing a white shirt and khaki pants.

    • In the scene which Myra and Steve are playing accordions, at one point you can hear the tape starting off camera.

  • Quotes

    • Carl: That's the funny thing about stolen property—you never think about the victim until you become it.

    • Carl: Your car is not stolen, it's down at the precinct. They're removing the stolen stereo. Eddie: Oh, man. Carl: Had you scared for a minute, eh? Eddie: Worse, I felt helpless, angry and confused all at the same time. Carl: Now you know, I'll bet you that's exactly how the owner of that stereo felt when it got ripped off from him.

    • Carl: Something the matter, Eddie?
      Eddie: My car's been stolen!
      Carl: Are you sure?
      Eddie: Yes! We parked it here just ten minutes ago.
      Carl: Gee, it happened that fast. That's too bad.
      Weasel: I'll say it is, I left my hat in the car.

  • Notes

    • The German episode title is "Myra läßt nicht locker!", meaning "Myra Won't Let Go!".

    • Though credited, JoMarie Payton (Harriette), Rosetta LeNoire (Mother Winslow), and Bryton McClure (Richie) don't appear in this episode.

  • Allusions

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