Family Matters

Season 2 Episode 25

I Should Have Done Something

Aired Unknown Apr 26, 1991 on ABC
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Steve schemes to take the reluctant Laura to a hot-ticket concert; Carl takes out his frustrations on the family, unable to shake the memory of a shooting he feels he could have prevented in the aftermath of a hostage case.

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  • The best episode.

    I have to say that this episode of Family Matters really surprised me. It was full of great acting and a great storyline. Carl stole the show and was the one to make this show a classic. My favorite scene was when he was crying when he visited the person's grave at the end of the show. His scene was gold and his interaction with the widow was priceless. I have to say that was wonderful acting and a great piece of writing from the writers. Overall, this was by far the best episode of the entire series and it was compelling from the very beginning. Thank you.moreless
  • It made me cry

    This episode made me cry a little, because it made me realize that things can happen and we might die or move on. It was a youching story on both sides of the episode Steve learning that bribery is not realy a good thing but he gets what he wanted because he gave Lorra what she wanted. And on the Carl side he learns that things will happen and that life will go on. Overall a touchy story and may be one of there best episodes mabey not on the funny side but on the touching side. I highly recomend the episode.

  • I cried

    I literally cried when I watched this episode. I felt so bad for Carl when he was talking to Mr. Mallory's grave. But it really is something to think about that things happen and theres no way in anyones control they can predict what would happen. A very sad episode but at the same time a good way to show visually that things happen and you can't blame yourself. But aside from Carl's story, the side story with Steve trying to get Laura to go to the dance with him was always classic Urkel and fun a good side story to a serious and emotional story.moreless
  • Carl's Somber Song

    Other than the Steve Urcel subplot which put a good balance to this episode, this episode is really about Carl. We actually see this character at his most human level, where we actually see him suffering from interal scars from the job. At first his frustrations are exteranlized and of course it's commical, for example attempting to use his nightstick to break a pickle jar just to get one out. But of course we then discover the cause of the frustrations when we see a news report video about what happened during a hostage crisis which went wrong.

    He then says something to Harriet about his pain despite the knowledge that it wasn't his fault, "I know it here (points at his head) but I don't know it here (points at his heart)." And he of course asks himself a common question, could things have happened differently, I think it's a common feeling most Police Officers feel. There was a soulful moment in the whole episode that is enough to put tears in anyone's eye when Carl visits the grave of a person he failed to save, and a conversation with the wife of the decessed. We discover she has been going though that same experence as Carl, she asks herself whether she shoudn't have asked her husband to go to the store to buy ice cream or not. Even though her words are warm you also sense some pain in them. The episode shows something about Policeman's post tramatic stress why it never really leave a person after they've done their job. No one can ever really know the answer to what if, thats just how it goes in life and we can only move on.moreless
  • Things to think about

    I think this episode of Family Matters was a classic for the series. It show the human side of what a policeman might go through after the loss of somebody they were trying to save. It is about how sometimes you just can't leave your job at the door when you walk into your home. The ending when Carl was talking to the guy he tried to save and died was so touching. He really showed his struggle. Also the part with Steve and the concert tickets was a lesson to be learned. Others have feelings and sometimes we forget what we say or do might hurt others. Great episode.moreless

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    • Helen:: (at the cemetary) I'm Helen Mallory, Charles was my husband. I should apologize for listening to you.
      Carl:: No, that's all right.
      Helen:: Listen, sit a moment. (they sit on a bench) Can I ask you something?
      Carl:: Oh sure.
      Helen:: Do you ever ask yourself, why you had to be the policeman who got there first?
      Carl:: Mrs. Mallory, I ask myself that question a million times a day. But I guess you ask yourself, why your husband had to be the one to be there that night.
      Helen:: No I don't. He was there, because I asked him to go. We were home watching television, and I mentioned that I wanted some ice cream, so Charles said he'd dash to the store. So he got up, cussed the dog for chewing on his hat, and . . . left my life forever. For a long long time, I found it difficult to live with the fact that, if I hadn't asked Charles to go to that store, he would still be with me.
      Carl:: Oh, but Mrs. Mallory, there was no possible way you could've known what would happen. It wasn't your fault.
      Helen:: I know, but it took me a long time to realize that. And now you must realize, that it wasn't your fault either. OK? (Carl nods, and Helen puts flowers on Charles' grave and they hug)

    • Steve: Congratulations, Winslows! …I'm here.

    • Steve: I bought two tickets to a concert that Laura wants to go to and offered to take her as my, get this, date!
      Estelle: Ooh, that's nice!
      Steve: Well, no, it's not nice!
      Estelle: It's not?
      Steve: Well, Laura doesn't want a date with me.
      Estelle: Are you sure?
      Steve: Positive. When I suggested it, her lovely eyes were momentarily clouded with nausea.

    • Carl: Typical. It is always tomorrow with that boy. 'Clean up your room, Edward.' 'Tomorrow, Dad!' 'Take out the trash, Edward.' 'Tomorrow, Dad!' 'Pass the salt, Edward.' 'Tomorrow, Dad!' (goes to the refrigerator) No root beer? When are you going to the store?
      Harriette: Tomorrow, Dear.

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