Family Matters

Season 1 Episode 19

In a Jam

Aired Unknown Mar 16, 1990 on ABC

Episode Recap

Urkel's quite hungry these days, eating from everybody's plate at the local burger hangout. That's because he never has enough money to buy lunch at school, and it isn't because his parents don't give him the money.

A huge bully named Bull always intimidates and harasses the dimutive nerd into giving up his money. Urkel goes to Eddie for help, but Eddie thinks it's just a play for attention.

But then one day at the burger hangout, Urkel decides he's no longer going to give money to Bull. Rodney witnesses Bull threaten Urkel with serious bodily harm if he refuses to comply in the future.

Rodney tells Eddie what happened. Eddie isn't sure he should stick up for Urkel, since he pesters him all the time. But Carl gives him some fatherly advice, telling his son that he should stick up for Urkel who clearly does not have the skills nor the strength to fairly defend himself.

That afternoon at the burger hangout, Bull confronts Urkel, again demanding money. Sorry, Bull, bank's closed, a clearly intimidated Urkel blurts out. An angry Bull decides to make good on his threat to hurt Urkel.

Just as Bull cocks his fist back to assault Urkel, Eddie walks in to confront the bully. Bull turns his attention to Eddie, but misses with his punch; Eddie's punch connects, and Bull is sent running. Carl comes in to check up on the two and finds the situation handled.
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