Family Matters

Season 1 Episode 19

In a Jam

Aired Unknown Mar 16, 1990 on ABC

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  • Good.

    I thought this episode was rather good. In fact, it was probably one of the best episodes of the first season. I liked the storyline with Eddie and Steve. Steve had problems with a bully so he decided to stand up to him. The bully challanged him to a fight the next day. Eddie found out and was troubled about what to do. Carl told him to do what he thinks is right. So Eddie decided to help Steve out and they won. Overall, this was a good episode that was entertaining and also very fun to watch, which was nice. Thank you.
  • A great early Urkel episode!

    This is a great episode for people who love Urkel before he became an unbelievable mad scientist. It is when he was a tiny, cute nerd who is about to get beat up. He decides to stand up for himself, despite being half the size of the bully named Bull. It is a fantastic episode. I especially loved how eddie helps out a friend. IN another story line, Carl gets a gig being a traffic reporter for the local news. He tries to hard to be funny, but learns that you have to be yourself. It is a great episode! Cheers!