Family Matters

Season 2 Episode 18

Life of the Party

Aired Unknown Feb 08, 1991 on ABC

Episode Recap

Willie Fuffner is still sore over his ill-fated boxing match in "Requiem for an Urkel," and is still convinced Laura has the hots for him. He and Waldo decide to crash Maxine's rooftop party, where Urkel is a guest.

Urkel wows the fellow party-goers wtih his performance of "The Urkel." Meanwhile, Willie and Waldo have spiked Maxine's punch, knowing that Urkel will want a drink. Sure enough, Urkel samples some, and it isn't long before he's very drunk!

The fun of watching a drunken Urkel stagger about and babble incoherently quickly ends when he falls over a high ledge and is hanging on for dear life onto a clothesline. A scared Rachel (who has catered the party and is serving as chaperone) must pull him to safety. She later admits she never has practiced tightrope walking.

A disgusted Laura tells off an unapologetic Willie, and the bully and Waldo are headed to jail after she rats them out.