Family Matters

Season 2 Episode 18

Life of the Party

Aired Unknown Feb 08, 1991 on ABC



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    • Maxine: How's Steve?
      Laura: Okay, Aunt Rachel's taking him to the hospital.
      Willie: See? He's fine.
      Laura: He could've been killed!
      Willie: But he wasn't, would you lighten up? We were just having fun.
      Laura: Fun? You think it's fun to come to a party and smuggle a mini-bar in your coat? You think it's fun to watch somebody get drunk and make a fool out of themselves? It's not fun, it's dangerous!
      Officer: It's also against the law. Come on.
      Willie: Where we going?
      Waldo: Jail would be my guess.
      Officer: You're both going to juvenile hall until your parents come for you.

    • Carl: I bring home darn close to 50% of this family's bacon.
      Estelle: And you eat darn close to 90%.

    • Steve: Aaah! Aaaah!
      Rachel: It's okay, Steve. I'm here.
      Steve: I know! You're standing on my finger!!

    • Laura: Steve…
      Steve: Laura! Oh, you're a sore for sight eyes

    • Steve: To be quite honest, Fuffner, I'd written you off as being incorrigible.
      Willie: What did he say?
      Waldo: He called you a gerbil.

    • Steve: (About the punch) What is this? Mango?

    • Laura: [Urkel]'s acting weird, even for him.

    • Steve: I'm the pife of the lardy!

    • Carl: (about his hangover remedy) This will either cure you or kill you.
      Steve: Either way, I'll be better off.

    • Laura: You're inviting Harvey Garvey to your party?
      Maxine: Sure, why not?
      Laura: Well, for one thing, he's only got four teeth.
      Maxine: Yeah, but he doesn't eat much.

    • (After drinking Carl's hangover remedy)
      Carl: Well, what's the verdict?
      Steve: Hey… not bad. I think it did the trick!
      (stands up)
      Steve: Wha oh.
      Carl: Steve, what's wrong?
      Steve: I think it just did another trick. I'd better visit the facilities quickly!

    • Laura: Anyone wanna dance?
      Willie: Maybe later. We're doin' something.
      Waldo: What we doin', Willie?

    • Laura: Max, we gotta liven this place up. Nobody's dancing.
      Steve: Have no fear, the Urk-man's here. Why, I'll have the neighbors complaining in no time!

    • Steve: Harv, crank up the music! It's time to do The Urkel!

    • Waldo: Willie told me not to tell.
      Laura: Tell what?
      Waldo: That he spiked Urkel's punch.
      Laura: What?!
      Waldo: I said he… hey, wait. You can't trick me.

    • Steve: Rachel, what are you doing?
      Rachel: Tightrope walking.
      Steve: Do you know how to do that?
      Rachel: … No.

    • (hanging for the side of a building)
      Steve: I've fallen and I can't get up!

    • Police Officer: Okay, where'd you hide the booze?
      Willie: I don't know what you're talkin' about, Officer.
      Waldo: He prob'ly means the booze that was in my coat, Willie!

    • Carl: You have my sympathy, Steve. I know how you feel.
      Steve: Really? Well, tell my about it, Carl.
      Carl: WELL…
      Steve: Quietly.

    • Steve: Oh… my whole body hurts. Even my eyelashes hurt… and I think my tongue could use a shave.

    • Willie: I'm gonna get Urkel.
      Waldo: But, why ya gonna do that, Willie?
      Willie: Because, he humiliated me.
      Waldo: But, you humiliate me everyday.
      Willie: That's different. You're my friend.
      Waldo: Oh yeah.

    • (Waldo shows off a jacket filled with little bottles of alcohol)
      Laura: Waldo, where'd you get those?
      Waldo: My dad's a stewardess.

    • Laura: Drinking is for losers.
      Willie: Hey, Waldo. Say hello to Saint Laura.
      Waldo: That's Laura Winslow.
      (Willie hits him)
      Waldo: … Hey, a party!

    • Steve: Everybody party!!!

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