Family Matters

Season 5 Episode 14

Like a Virgin

Aired Unknown Jan 14, 1994 on ABC
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Eddie becomes the laughingstock of the boys' locker room after Urkel spills the beans that Eddie is still a virgin.

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  • Good.

    This was a very good episode and I thought it was actually well written. I must say that the storylines were really good and the comedy was also very fun. My favorite part was when Steve was running away from Myra. I thought that it was a funny plot to see Steve so scared. The theme of the episode was about sex. I didn't like the theme, but it was a nice change. Overall, this was a very good episode that had plenty to like. I was very entertained and interested and it was a nice way to spend some time. Thank you.moreless

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    • (Jerry and his friends are giving Eddie a hard time for being a virgin)
      Jerry: You know, Winslow, I'm disappointed in you. We all thought you were a real ladies man. Now, the whole school knows that the dude is just a dud.
      Eddie: Yeah, well you disappoint me too, Jerry.
      Jerry: Oh, yeah?
      Eddie: Yeah. Man, you're a user. Girls aren't people to you, they're points on a score card.
      Jerry: Sounds like sour grapes to me.
      Eddie: Nope. You see, I used to think just like you, until I realized that making sweet love with a fine lady is all about feelings, and those feelings should be shared. So, if quantity is your thing man, knock yourself out buddy. But me, I'm going for quality.

    • Carl: (reading a note to Eddie from his girlfriend) "Eddie, we were foolish to wait. Last night was so special, and now I want us to share this as often as possible?"
      Harriette: Carl, do you think this means Eddie is sexually active?
      Carl: Well, when was this written? By now, he could be sexually exhausted.

    • Steve: Myra wants to do the wiggle-wiggle-ding-ding. You do know what that is?
      Estelle: At my age you hope for a wiggle, but you settle for a ding.

    • Eddie: I haven't been with a girl yet, and now I'm the laughingstock of the boy's locker room.
      Laura: Well, Eddie, your friend Jerry is a hound, and he's the laughingstock of the girl's locker room.

    • Jerry: Eddie, who are you saving yourself for? Miss Right?
      Waldo: Miss Wright? Miss Wright is our math teacher. Great Caesar's ghost, Eddie, she's 67 years old!

    • Steve: A real man doesn't have to sex to prove that he is a man.
      Gerry: Well, your opinion doesn't count since technically you're not a man.
      (everybody laughs)
      Steve: Well, say what you will about me, but no one here will deny that my best bud Eddo here is a real man.
      (everyone mutters in agreement) Well, it just so happens that he is a virgin, too!

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