Family Matters

Season 9 Episode 21

Lost in Space (1)

Aired Unknown Jul 17, 1998 on ABC

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  • lost in space

    steve goes up into space with two famous astronauts, but this means he has to postpone his wedding with laura. worse yet, steve's invention nearly costs him and the astronauts' their lives'. To Be Continued... in the series finale!

    A good episode, part one of the finale, whilst it is somewhat random (Steve going up in space...) I think it was interesting and funny. Eddie's plot was really serious, especially in the next half. Overall, whilst it was not the best episode, it was a well made one, i think, and thus it gets an A+ from me. Just perfect
  • Who would ever thought steve goes up to space

    As Steve and Laura plan their wedding Steve is called up to go into space to test his new artificial-gravity invention up in space. It's should make things in space have gravity or something. Steve goes for a 6 month space training and Eddie cames a cop but his mom don't want him to get hurt.Then Steve returns aand he promines Laura that he would find a way to come back from space. then steve goes up in space to test his invention it goes great but a freakin' satellite is going to the ship and they can enter Earth TO BE contiune
  • Okay episode.

    I must say that I didn't like the pairing of Steve and Laura then I didn't like it now. Seeing Steve try to get Laura for over 9 years was funny but seeing them together is weird and I don't like it. I must say that Myra was a better fit. Seeing her try to stop Steve from going into space was funny. I also liked the comedy of the episode. The one thing I really hated was the fact that the storylines got way out of character. Overall, an okay episode that was entertaining, but really out to lunch. Thank you.
  • 9 Years of a heart warming and laugh bringing show come to an end...

    9 Years of a heart warming and laugh bringing show come to an end... We all know and love the characters by now (except for the Harriet replacement) and for me seeing this show end wasent the happiest thing to see except for the fact that Steve and Laura are getting married. Eddie quit college and is beginning to be a great cop. And most of all Carl is accepting Steve Urkle. In this part 2 of a 2 part episode, Urkel is sent outside the shuttle Explorer to repair the damage done to the ship by the sattelite. Well forgetting to connect his teather he yanks on the sattelite and floats off into space. Using his brain Steve hotwires the sattelite and uses the thrusters to float back to the Shuttle, and safely traveling back to earth. Even though this show has ended, and im sure fans didnt want it to, i give this final episode of Family Matters a 9.5 because all of Urkels wants have come true. Eddie finds what he wants to do in life. And the last words of this Series leave you very happy for Steve and Laura.