Family Matters

Season 9 Episode 22

Lost in Space (2)

Aired Unknown Jul 17, 1998 on ABC

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  • A fitting end to a great show

    After nine years, "Family Matters" has come to an end. Steve goes into outer space and Eddie became a police officer. Steve took the satellite out of the space ship and returns to earth as a hero. Eddie survived a shooting, thanks to a bullet-proof vest. The series closes with Steve passionately kiss Laura. A very good ending. The show was supposed to be renewed for a 10th season, but CBS cancelled the show. We were hoping the show ends with Steve marrying Laura, but sadly it didn't happen.

    Overall, this episode deserves a 10 and an A+++++++++. We all love you "Family Matters". You made us laugh, cry and entertained.
  • Weird

    The series finale of Family Matters, like almost every episode in the last 4-5 seasons, was mostly about Steve. Him and the astronauts are close to death, but quick thinking in the long run saves them all.

    Back on Earth, Steve is considered a hero for what he did to save him and the other two astronauts.

    Him and Laura share a passionate kiss as he promises to never go into space again. "Only when we kiss, Laura Lee" is his response.

    A good finale, it could've been better but they worked well with what they had. Funny, emotional, dramatic- farewell Family Matters!
  • this sucks I wish the show didn't end

    This sucks I wish they would show the wedding episode but it would never show or will it. In the end of the show Steve becames a hero Carl is proud to call Steve Son. Eddie gets shot but is alive Laura promines to Steve would never go back to space nothing for 3J and that Myra won't give up one Steve she tries to get Steve back by showing a picture of her on TV

    If they show the wedding heres what I think could happen Myra pretends to be Laura in her wedding dress and at the part were they said I do and that other stuff and you may kiss the bride it would be Myra plotting this so she haves to be with Steve in till death do thor you apart then Myra goes to jail and Steve and Laura have a child If that happens
  • Decent episode.

    Well, I must admit that while the show changed its theme the last two years, this was still a decent finale. I especially liked seeing Myra for the last time. It was kind of a sad time where it seemed that everything was coming to a close. Nine long seasons were coming to an end. The episode had some decent comedy, sad moments, and okay writing. Again, my favorite moment was seeing Myra. Michelle Thomas will be missed. Overall, a decent finale to the series and I was very much entertained. I was happy that the show lasted 9 years. Thank you.
  • Good ending to to a good series.

    Personally, I thought it was pretty good. Maybe it went a little to far with the whole Urkel having to fix the ship from the outside. Also, I thought that a good ending could have been like Urkel and Laura getting married or it would have some twist like Stefan marrying somebody but still, it was pretty good. Still, before I saw it I read this page, you know the reviews, recap, overview, etc. and thought that it would be good, and it ended up being good, so I'm thinking that I will probably rewatch the whole series because of the charm and humor.
  • The best ending to the best television show

    Well, we have come to the end of television's greatest show, Family Matters. Steve goes into space and must get back safely to Laura, whom he is going to marry. Steve must use his brains to get a sattelite off of his spaceship, and then must get back to the ship safely. Eddie also gets into a gunfight with a criminal, and finds that his job cannot be completely safe. Steve comes home after his journey, and greets Laura with a kiss. Steve has made us laugh over the years, and now we leave the show with an awesome last episode.
  • The perfect ending.

    OMG I thought Eddie and Steve were gonna die! Thank God they didn't. That was the perfect ending with Steve returning safely to Laura. And Carl is actually proud of his son-in-law...? He should be, and definitely proud of Eddie too. Myra was annoying. She should go away like Myrtle and Stephan.
  • Steve Urkel is sent into space in the Explorer Spaceship, the conclusion of Family Matters, the perfect ending to Family Matters. It couldn't get any better than this!

    This episode was like the best episode of Family Matters! Not best, bester! Not best or bester, the bestest of them all! But at the end, Steve keeps his squeaky voice and kisses his fiance.
    Uh, something that I wouldn't wanna spoil for you... so there'll be a big spoiler space.

    spolier space:

    Steve guest stars in an episode of 'The Fresh Prince of Belair', and if you pay attention, his voice is deeper, which was very obvious. :)
  • This episode was the final episode of Family Matters to air on ABC. In this two part episode, Steve is offered to go into space to study as a student astronaut. At the same time, Eddie and Carl become partners in the police business.

    In my opinion, this episode seemed a little slow when it came to Steve getting back to Laura. Although Steve riding the satellite was to add drama, the episode would have been better off without it. Plus, Jo-Marie Payton star's as one of Mission Control people. Why a mission control lady, how come she didn't make one last appearance as Harriet? If you think about it, it only seems logical that she play the role one more time. Anyway, after the episode was made, talk went on about making an episode featuring the wedding of Steve Urkel and Laura Winslow. But before they could do it, the set was destroyed. To me, it seemed like the show shouldn't have ended like that. Overall, I thought this episode and the show were great and had really great entertainment value. That's why I rate it an 8.6 out of 10.
  • The Last Episode Of Family Matters

    This was the last episode of the series for family matters. In it Steve goes up in space. The family is a home watching him in space. Steve then towards the end of the episode, gets locked out of the ship and is floating in space. This wasnt the best concept, but its said that the cast didnt know it was the series finale. They thought it was the season finale. For a season finale it was good. But for a series finale, there should have been another concept.