Family Matters

Season 9 Episode 22

Lost in Space (2)

Aired Unknown Jul 17, 1998 on ABC



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  • Quotes

    • Laura: Mom, Dad, there's a problem on the Explorer! Steve's gonna walk in space!
      Carl: OH, GOOD LORD, what are those people thinking?!

    • Carl: You know, yesterday [Eddie] was very upset about being yanked off his beat and being reassigned to parking enforcement. So I talked to Commissioner Geiss about it.
      Harriette: You did?
      Carl: And imagine my surprise, not to mention embarassment, when I found out the reason Eddie was reassigned was because you requested it.
      Harriette: I was worried about Eddie, and I wanted him to be safe.
      Carl: Oh, Harriette, you interfered in his career.
      Harriette: I made sure he wouldn't get hurt.
      Carl: You embarassed him!
      Harriette: I protected him!
      Carl: What you did, Harriette, was wrong! And so I asked Commissioner Geiss to fix it.
      Harriette: How?
      Carl: Well, first thing Monday morning, Eddie will be walking his beat.
      Harriette: (furious) If that happens, Carl, you're gonna be walking too.
      Carl: Where?
      Harriette: FROM OUR BED TO THIS COUCH!

    • Mission Controller: Explorer, come in please. Explorer, this is mission controller. Please respond!
      Steve: AHHHH!
      (Explorer spinning out of control)

    • Carl: Steve, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I was actually bragging about you at work today. I've been telling everybody about my future son-in-law.
      Steve: Really?
      Carl: Welcome home, son.
      Steve: Thanks, Dad.

    • (last lines of the series)
      Laura: Never go up into outer space again.
      Steve: Only when we kiss, Laura Lee...only when we kiss.
      (Steve and Laura passionately kiss)

  • Notes

    • Carl Winslow is the only character to appear in every episode.

    • This show actually lasted a year longer than Perfect Strangers, which it was spunoff from.

    • This was never meant to be the series finale. The cast and crew were told to finish filming the season by March and get ready for another season. The 10th season would have featured the wedding of Steve and Laura. However it was learned that CBS had the sets for the show destroyed and that's when the cast knew the series was over.

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