Family Matters

Season 3 Episode 20

Love and Kisses

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1992 on ABC

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  • Good episode.

    The episode was very entertaining. One thing that really stood out was that Steve proved how much he truly loved Laura. He ended up having a singer sing to her which made her day. In exchange for singing a few songs, Steve gave him a Mickey Mantle rookie card. Before Laura kissed him, Steve fainted and passed out. This episode was funny, entertaining, and also fun to watch. I liked the pace of it and the writing was also decent. Carl and Harriet went to an outdoor place. Overall, this was an entertaining episode and was interesting from the start. Thank you.
  • Laura Winslow would make an excellent game show contestant!

    The way she screamed over Johnny Gill was nerve-racking! All that was missing; a check for $25,000!, the sounding of shrilled sirens along with confetti & balloons dropping down the Winslow house, along with the high school fight song (heard on The New Treasure Hunt)! Maybe she could've also been on Just Men! & won the Ford Mustang convertible!

    The night I saw that episode, I fell down & hit my head. Not since Marie Osmond screamed in her Perils of Marie sketches off Donny & Marie (variety show) that would match Laura Winslow.

    This is the 13th overall post I ever made.