Family Matters

Season 3 Episode 8

Making the Team

Aired Unknown Nov 08, 1991 on ABC
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Episode Summary

When Laura gets snubbed by fellow cheerleaders, she seeks advice from Urkel, who tries out for the basketball team and ends up as equipment manager.

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  • Funny episode.

    Who would have thought that Steve Urkel was good at basketball? Not me. Actually this episode was very good and I thought that it was entertaining from start to end. I liked the fact that Laura was trying to be a cheerleader and Steve was trying to be on the basketball team. He ended up as equipment manager, but got to play when people started to get injured. It was shocking to see Steve was actually better than any player on the court. He hit the game winning shot and impressed everybody. Overall, a great episode and a funny one at that. Thank you.moreless
  • Both Steve and Laura have to prove themselves to groups that they desperately want to be accepted to.

    Laura is not used to being snubbed, and although she does make the cheerleading squad, her fellow upperclassmen cheerleaders consider the lone freshman the bottom of the barrel and treat her as such. Though it is clear that the ring leader of this is Cassie Lynn, the other girls, even the ones who like Laura, just go along with it for fear of being alienated. Steve is no stranger to exclusion and ridicule so it is no surprise when he fails to make the basketball team, even though he keeps assuring everyone that he is "really good." The try-out scene was so, so funny to me. The coach is a trip. There was no way he could've made the team because no one would give him a chance to showcase his skills. It is up to both him and Laura to each prove themselves to their respectives teams, which Steve gets a chance to do when his teammates drop like flies during a game, and Laura steals an opportunity during a time-out to showcase her cheer-writing skills.moreless

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    • Carl: (bribing Richie with money) Fifteen, and I won't tell your mom who hid the frog in her underwear drawer.
      Richie: Make it twenty, and I won't tell Aunt Harriet where you hide the doughnuts.

    • Laura: Steve, you were right anything is possible!
      Steve: Will you marry me?
      Laura: Except that.

    • Cassie Lynn: Oh, and you think you're so hip, you little geek?
      Laura: No, I just thought we could try somthing new. (cold smile) And if you ever call me "geek" again, you'll be digesting those pom poms.

    • Coach: What's your name?
      Steve: Urkel, sir. Steven Q.
      Coach: What kind of name is Urkelsir Stevencue? Dutch?
      Steve: Uh... yeah.

    • Coach: Look, kid. You're not a basketball player.
      Steve: Why not?
      Coach: In short... you're short.

    • Coach: Now, I ask you... what is a "Muskrat"?
      Steve: A large, aquatic rodent!
      Coach: Well, yeah. But what is a VANDERBILT Muskrat?
      Steve: A physically overdeveloped, mentally deficient high school student!

    • (Mother Winslow is reading a Victoria's Secret catalog)
      Laura: Am I old enough to see that?
      Mother Winslow: I don't think I'm old enough to see that.

    • Carl: I'm always happy to donate to charity.
      Richie: Well, it's not exactly charity.
      Carl: Oh? Then what's the good cause?
      Richie: It's "cause" I need a new bike.

    • Lt. Murtaugh: They're sending in that Urkel kid.
      Carl: What? We've got cheerleaders taller than him.

    • Steve: I've never tried out for athletics before, and the equipment list says every guy should wear a cup.
      Coach: That's right.
      Steve: Well, I didn't have one. So, is it alright with you? I'm wearing a Bart Simpson's mug.

    • Steve: I've got an uncle, Dirk Urkel, who was blessed with a two-foot long nose hair. Well, he got it trapped in the rear door of a Buick and was dragged 8½ blocks.

    • Eddie: As a starting forward on the school team, it's my duty to play round ball, not nerd ball.
      Steve: But I've been practicing and my progress is impressive, even if I do say so myself. And since no one with play with me, I have to say so myself.

    • Eddie: Isn't there somebody else you could annoy?
      Steve: Sorry, it's your turn!

    • Coach: I think I've figured out our weakness.
      Eddie: What's that, Coach?
      Coach: Basketball.

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