Family Matters

Season 3 Episode 8

Making the Team

Aired Unknown Nov 08, 1991 on ABC



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    • Carl: (bribing Richie with money) Fifteen, and I won't tell your mom who hid the frog in her underwear drawer.
      Richie: Make it twenty, and I won't tell Aunt Harriet where you hide the doughnuts.

    • Laura: Steve, you were right anything is possible!
      Steve: Will you marry me?
      Laura: Except that.

    • Cassie Lynn: Oh, and you think you're so hip, you little geek?
      Laura: No, I just thought we could try somthing new. (cold smile) And if you ever call me "geek" again, you'll be digesting those pom poms.

    • Coach: What's your name?
      Steve: Urkel, sir. Steven Q.
      Coach: What kind of name is Urkelsir Stevencue? Dutch?
      Steve: Uh... yeah.

    • Coach: Look, kid. You're not a basketball player.
      Steve: Why not?
      Coach: In short... you're short.

    • Coach: Now, I ask you... what is a "Muskrat"?
      Steve: A large, aquatic rodent!
      Coach: Well, yeah. But what is a VANDERBILT Muskrat?
      Steve: A physically overdeveloped, mentally deficient high school student!

    • (Mother Winslow is reading a Victoria's Secret catalog)
      Laura: Am I old enough to see that?
      Mother Winslow: I don't think I'm old enough to see that.

    • Carl: I'm always happy to donate to charity.
      Richie: Well, it's not exactly charity.
      Carl: Oh? Then what's the good cause?
      Richie: It's "cause" I need a new bike.

    • Lt. Murtaugh: They're sending in that Urkel kid.
      Carl: What? We've got cheerleaders taller than him.

    • Steve: I've never tried out for athletics before, and the equipment list says every guy should wear a cup.
      Coach: That's right.
      Steve: Well, I didn't have one. So, is it alright with you? I'm wearing a Bart Simpson's mug.

    • Steve: I've got an uncle, Dirk Urkel, who was blessed with a two-foot long nose hair. Well, he got it trapped in the rear door of a Buick and was dragged 8½ blocks.

    • Eddie: As a starting forward on the school team, it's my duty to play round ball, not nerd ball.
      Steve: But I've been practicing and my progress is impressive, even if I do say so myself. And since no one with play with me, I have to say so myself.

    • Eddie: Isn't there somebody else you could annoy?
      Steve: Sorry, it's your turn!

    • Coach: I think I've figured out our weakness.
      Eddie: What's that, Coach?
      Coach: Basketball.

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