Family Matters

Season 6 Episode 12

Midterm Crisis

Aired Unknown Jan 06, 1995 on ABC

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  • Not bad.

    I actually thought that most of the episode was rather decent. I liked many of the comedy parts, but I didn't care for the actual storylines and plots as a whole. I found the storyline with Carl and the Captain to be quite pointless and the plot with Eddie, Steve, and Waldo was kind of boring. I liked the funny bits that were in the episode, but I thought some parts seemed a bit forced. Overall, I will say that it was just an okay episode that managed to keep my interest. I was entertained most of the time, so it was okay. Thank you.
  • Not the best, but good

    I enjoyed this episode, but it certainly isn't one of my favorites. Steve and Eddie have eaten Waldo's midterm, a cake, and must replace it before he gets home. When Waldo comes home, the oven explodes, and crashes into the apartment door. Waldo soon finds out that they have eaten his midterm and must work things out between him and his friends. The episode has some highlights to it, like the scene where the oven explodes, whick I think is simply hilarious. However, the story could have used some work, and some of the lines in this episode I found to be a bit unoriginal.
  • I don't like this episode

    Is a very strange episode in which at the end Carl tells Harriet that she's wrong, that had never happened in any episode before this and I don't understand anything, when Carl tells that to Savage Captain he inmediately goes.

    And another reason why I don't like this episode is because Steve and Eddie eat Waldo's cake and at the end they apologise like is used in the series but the end of the episode is very desperating and distressing because Eddie, Steve and Waldo throw each other eggs, these scenes of food fight are very distressing, the food is for eating it, not for doing fights with it.