Family Matters

Season 5 Episode 22


Aired Unknown Apr 29, 1994 on ABC

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  • Funny.

    I really think that this episode was hilarious. I really need to say that the writing was good, the comedy was great, and the storylines were decent. Steve thought he hurt Myra's feelings so when he heard that she went to a nun place, he went after her with the help of Waldo and Eddie. They got in trouble after it was revealed that they weren't sisters, but guys in costumes. Myra didn't actually join, she was there to see her aunt. Steve wnated Myra back and they got back together. Overall, it was a great episode that was very hilarious and entertaining. Thank you.
  • Steve, Waldo, and Eddie disguise themselves as nuns and search for Myra at a convent. Meanwhile, Carl tries to teach Harriette a lesson on wedding ring storage but his plan backfires.

    Run of the mill episode. Urkel shows what a callous jerk he is by still openly pining after Laura despite being in a relationship with Myra. We get a funny scene between the two women in Urkel's life which ends when Laura shows Steve the disturbing drawings Myra has been making. Urkel is offended that Myra has been spying on him (and why shouldn't she be when he's proven time and again that he can't be trusted?) and storms off after breaking up with her. We get a typical sitcom misunderstanding when Urkel hears from Myra's mom that she has gone to visit a convent. Knowing her obsessive nature, Urkel fears that he has driven her over the edge and caused her to become a nun! He enlists the aid of Eddie and Waldo to track her down and we get an uninspiring scene of them disguised as nuns at the convent.

    The show's subplot deals with Carl ironically losing Harriette's wedding ring after lecturing her about being irresponsible with it.

    The only real standouts here are the catty confrontation between Laura and Myra in the beginning and Mother Winslow's usual diss on her son. The rest of the show is basically "Sitcom 101."
  • A funny episode in which Steve, Eddie and Waldo dress like nuns

    Laura is studying French with Steve helping her and he asks her to give him a kiss, she tells him to close his eyes first and gives him a peach, then he tells her to shave, that's funny, when Myra enters into the house Laura catches her the draw pad and after Steve discovers in that draw in the pad that Myra has been spying him and tells her that their relationship is over, after he thinks when he have called her that she has got into a nunnery and he, Eddie and Waldo get there dressed like nuns to search for her, they make exercised but a time ago the sister Bernadette catches them dressed like nuns, but at that moment gets in Myra searching for her aunt Monica and Steve and her talk and decide to be together again, he thinks that his feelings for her are stronger than he thought. A great episode.