Family Matters

Season 9 Episode 10

Original Gangsta Dawg

Aired Unknown Dec 05, 1997 on ABC

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  • Just okay.

    To be honest, I actually thought this episode was a bit ridiculous. Another Jaleel Whiet character? How many relatives does Steve Urkel have? Anyways, this was basically an episode with no real relevancy in terms of storylines and also plot wise elements. My favorite part had to be where O.G.D and Carl squared off in a fight, verbally. The thing that bothered me most about the episode had to be the storylines. Other than that, it was actually okay. Overall, this episode was more about show than substance. I was fairly entertained, but I wish there was a better storyline. Thank you.
  • What would happen if all the people Jaleel White play in Family Matters would all be at the same place.

    That Jaleel White is a powerfull actor no wonder he is in my top 5 of favorite actors. Steve's hip-hop cousin Cornelius AKA OGD Original Gangsta Dawg needs 4000 dollars but Steve refuse to give him the money. Then Steve leaves and OGD breaks in the house using a credit card (I think ?) and Carl don't like him cause of his Gangsta ways and he's teaches 3J the "True" about cops or something.Now I know Steve is on a submarine and when Stefan calls Steve. I think Steve use a escape pod to get out of their to Jaleel White plays 3 guy who all love Laura made they should make a show call Everyone Loves Laura
  • It was good

    I like this episode, no doubt about it. But what I learned from this episode was, that "Original Gangsta Dawg" caused Jo Marie Payton to quit the series, while the season was still running. She hated the fact that the show was focusing more on Urkel and gets real tired of it, so she was then replaced by JudyAnn Elder on that time. (in my opinion, without Steve Urkel, the show would've gotten so boring) The episode was good and funny, by the way.