Family Matters

Season 8 Episode 1

Paris Vacation (1)

Aired Unknown Sep 20, 1996 on ABC

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  • Fun showing.

    I liked this episode because it was fun and entertaining the entire time. Whenever the show is filmed somewhere else it is very interesting to watch and to see the new sights. The family wnet to Paris in thanks to a creation from Steve that allowed people to teleport. They got into big trouble with some criminals and Steve, Carl, and some girl had to run. Eddie caused a crash and got into trouble as well. Overall, this was a fun episode with good comedy, decent writing, and great scenes of Paris. I was entertained and well interested throughout the show. Thank you.
  • Steve and the Winslows are going to Paris!

    When Steve creates a teleporting device, he accidentally teleports Carl to Paris. When Carl returns, he tells Steve that they should go to Paris. They go to Paris. But, some problems arise for Steve when his new "girlfriend" might just be using him for something important...! Part One in an awesome three part miniseries. OK, I loved this Paris adventure they had, but the first one, this one, wasn't the best it could've been. It did have some funny parts, however, like when Carl fainted when he realized he was in Paris. But, the rest of the episode was kinda boring. But, the ending left you with a question that could only be answered in the next episode.