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  • One of the greatest shows in the world

    My favorite characters on the show are: Urkel, Carl, Eddie, 3J, Waldo and Estelle. The show was really great (and funny) to be honest, but I wish they had end the series with Laura marrying Steve, but that's okay, things can't always be your way. I love the show so much, I wish I can still see it.
  • One of the 90`s best shows ever

    I ally love this show. It has the softness of Full House but also seems to show the dysfunctional part of the life in a family more clearly. The characters are memorable and the jokes are enough to make me laugh hard. If you never seen this show before, then watch it cause it`s worth it.
  • Hidey-ho, Winslows!

    Steve Urkel was very funny! He was a clumsy, cheese-and-science-and-Laura loving nerd. He wanted Laura to love him but she didn't want any part of him in the earlier seasons. In the episode "Drinking and Jiving" she kissed Steve on his black eye and on the lips! That's when she started to like lot! I love Myrtle too only because she was a sassy Urkel and would always get in fights with Eddie's girlfriend Greta!
  • funny show!

    Family Matters would definitely be classified as one of the best Family-oriented show! It wasn't sentimental or irritating like some of the other family shows aired in the television. How I wish this show didn't end because I think "Family Matters" is way better that any TGIF TV shows aired before! I really do miss watching it so much! It happens that one day I saw a web site selling it - memorylanedvd . com . I tried to purchase one because I've been looking for this DVD copy for a very long time. I was glad when I checked the discs, it was good. Neat packaging and nice quality. As I do not have much time to catch the re-runs, I will have to watch this show during the weekends. Family Matters is a show that gives simple fun to everyone, truly enjoyable!
  • Grew up watching.

    Great show.
  • give her the shoes

    I've been trying to watch this episode but cant find it online. I just remember the final moments of the show when you hear gunshots and the camera turns to a cops style shooting with it shaking and following the action to make it more intense and it cuts over to either laura or urkel cradeling their fallen friend screaming "why didnt you just give them the shoes.!" so corny,looking back its probably pretty funny I have to find it

    then fredie prinz jr. refuses to give up his gun at the gun drive.
  • The Time Machine is the best invention ever!

    For an old 90's classic, this has got to be the best series ever! I love how the role play is... everyone really embraces their characters. From the drama, the comedy, to the dual identity of Urkel, this is a great show for families to watch and if you're ready for a laugh!
  • Puts a smile on face every time.

    This show is very funny in my opinion and I think it can get a little out of control but makes me smile still. But in my opinion I think Steve is the best character in the show, he really made the episodes very interesting ( despite the fact that he can get annoying from time to time.) But the other characters are very enjoyable and are like able, and can make people laugh as well. With all of that being said this show is a great sitcom and is most definitely worth a shot and will entertain you.
  • Great show

    This was one of my favorite sitcoms for so many reasons, it had great characters and great personality. I liked every season of this show, even the more recent ones, sure it focused more on Urkel, but so what, he's a fun character.
  • This show was so good we did an intro remake

    Intro Family matters remake

    We loved it so much we made that remake of the intro

    enjoy some other fun

    Giant Spaghetti Boy

    Crazy Salad Chef

    BACON karating pizza with Fork Sensei

    New Haircut same badass additude

  • Annoying

    This is the most annoying and aggravating show to have ever disgraced TV! With all the annoying things that that idiot says, "Did I do that?" and "Morning Winslows!", he's voice makes me want to kill myself! How it ever managed to be somewhat popular, I don't know, but it has a stupid plot, with stupid people. The show might be half-way decent if it didn't have that annoyance, Steve Urkel! So, like I said, worst show ever!I'm glad it's not on the air anymore, to bad it's on Nick at Nite, but it's good that it's only on at like 4 AM!
  • Not that good. They might as well have called it 'Urkel'.. Because I was watching it on COMCAST and it said "A modern Chicago family is bothered by their neighbor, Steve Urkel". The show isn't that good, but it had his funny parts. SOMETIMES. Turn off the

    Not that good. They might as well have called it 'Urkel'.. Because I was watching it on COMCAST and it said "A modern Chicago family is bothered by their neighbor, Steve Urkel". The show isn't that good, but it had his funny parts. SOMETIMES. Turn off the TV, Puh Lease!
  • No...more....Urkel. He completely took over the show and by the end of the series' WAY overdone run on TV his character was a complete farce.

    I suppose with all the bland characters on this show, it's only to be expected that Steve Urkel would eventually take over the show. But did they really need to turn to all the completely lame and pathetic scientific crap to keep the show fresh? By scientific, I mean the machine in Urkel's basement that turned him into the ultra-suave Stephon Urquell. Of course, he used this alter ego to swoon Laura, the woman of his dreams. However, for a show that was supposed to be about good old family values and a family trying to make it by in the 'hood of south Chicago, this seems a little far fetched. It isn't the freaking Jetsons or Lost in Space!

    That aside, the show wasn't very funny at all. Every good sitcom has at least one character who is in the spotlight and is usually the center of most of the hijinks. This show didn't have that for me, as I found Urkel to be extremely grating and one dimensional. His signature "Did I do that?" got old after one season, but he was never given anything else to work with.

    In summation, I don't recommend this show and I don't think it's any small wonder why it is hardly shown in syndication anymore.
  • It seems like this family doesn't other words AVOID

    How did this show last for 9 seasons is beyond me. This has to be one of the worst sitcoms that I have seen throughout my 15 years on Earth. There was hardly a thing funny about this show. It was just the typical Miller-Boyett dreck.

    For starters, this show is called "Family Matters" not "The Steve Urkel Show". The title of this show is misleading because the show mainly focused on Urkel and not the family. I will admit that the earlier episodes did focus on the family, but once Urkel showed up, he ruined the whole show. Later seasons were completely unwatchable as these episodes focused on Urkel and his sub characters (Stephan, Original Gangsta Dawg) etc. Characters disappeared without explaination such as Judy. In fact, her character didn't really do much in the show.

    Like Full House and other TGIF drivel, this show was filled with corny morals and sappy moments. Where is the comedy in that? The plots were ridiculous, even for a sitcom. Urkel's weird inventions would send the family off into space, to Paris etc. What is funny about that? Nothing.

    This show is great for kids 12 and under, but if you want a show that is actually funny, I suggest that you avoid this show at all costs.
  • A 90s show about and African American family living in Chicago.

    The Winslows are the main family portrayed in this series. It is a family show and comedy that is appreciable by a wide viewer audience.

    The Winslow family is diverse with many children, two adults, and a grandmother. This is a nice family structure and continues for a long time.

    The character development throughout their entire run is very interesting, especially the never ending harassment by Steve, who played a vital role in stirring cheezy comedy.

    Through the shows many turns, there are many valuable lessons portrayed and a certain reality that most shows don't capture for a family audience. Its captivating and different from normal meaningless fun created in many other shows during the time.

    This show is great for anyone with a good eye for shows in the 1990's.
  • Family Matters was one of the best shows to run through the nineties.

    The good thing about Family Matters is that it wasn't as cheesy as some of the other nineties sitcoms such as Full House and Saved by the Bell, mostly in the middle of the show. Towards the end of the show, it did begin to get somewhat unrealistic and corny. Like many fans of this show, I think Steve Urkel was hilarious, especially with that nasally voice he had. But my favorite character was probably Waldo just because of his lack of common sense; both of them always made me laugh. I always laugh at the cracks that Steve made about his parents hating him and treating him like Steve ruined their lives. I felt bad for Steve, but I must admit that they were hilarious. Jaleel White did a fantastic job playing Steve, and all the other ones he had to play: Myrtle, Stefan, and so on. Don't get me wrong. I thought the other characters were entertaining, and funny, except for Judy 3-J; honestly I was disappointed that they got rid of Judy, and I was always annoyed by 3J who I thought was just a pointless add on. I wish they had kept Waldo instead of him. My only complaints with Family Matters is that as the show progressed, it began to get a little unrealistic, especially in the end, and I hated how Stefan became almost a regular for Family Matters. But other than that, Family Matters is nearly perfect.
  • Family Matters is hilarious with great acting, funny jokes, and loads of wonderful characters. Steve Urkel and Waldo are absolutely hilarious.

    It only takes a few episodes for you to get hooked, and it's because of fabulous comedy you're left with wanting more and more. Steve Urkel is probably what makes this show as funny as it is. All the times that he falls, screws up, or tries to get himself out of a jam will leave you on the floor laughing. Probably my favorite quote he constantly says is, "Look what you did." Along with Steve as the most hilarious one on the show, so is Waldo. Just about every comedy has an idiot and you can automatically point to Waldo on this one. But he's hilarious. There's so many quotes he says that make me laugh, that I can't name they all. The acting on this show, mostly for Jaleel White, does a wonderful job. Family Matters is one of the best shows to run in the nineties.
  • one of the best shows ever

    this is one of the best shows ever back in the 90s and its about a black family and the only nerd in exsidtin the awesome and funny Steve Urkle and he makes this show awesome and it is about awesome and other stuff that makes the people cheer and clap and a buch of other stuff and the effects of this show is so cool and i wish they had a ten season which could of been the best episode which would of had Nerdy Steve Urkle marring his long-time crush and who knows happen could of happen damn it I want to see that episode
  • Great from what I've seen so far

    I've only seen a couple reruns on Nick at Nite, but from what I've seen it's an excellently written show. I like how many episodes revolve around the whole family, and they're lively mishaps. I do think Urkel is a little annoying, but he really doesn't destroy the show, just makes it more science-fictiony, like he invents a machine to be more like Stephan, so Laura will be more attracted to him. I didn't give this a higher score, because I haven't seen many episodes, and therefore don't know how the show ends up, so it may be higher or lower depending on how many I see. 8.5/10 B+
  • A typical 90s show about and African American family living in Chicago.

    The Winslows are the main family portrayed in this series. It is a family show and comedy that is appreciable by a wide viewer audience.

    The Winslow family is diverse with many children, two adults, and a grandmother. This is a nice family structure and continues for a long time.

    The character development throughout their entire run is very interesting, especially the never ending harassment by Steve, who played a vital role in stirring cheezy comedy.

    Through the shows many turns, there are many valuable lessons portrayed and a certain reality that most shows don't capture for a family audience. Its captivating and different from normal meaningless fun created in many other shows during the time.

    Anyone who liked old shows must watch this.
  • Good

    This show was decent, but like most people, I find the last few seasons to be really... out there and sometimes hard to watch. I mean I liked all the characters, including Urkel, but the show changed. Plots would be too out-there and it wasn't really something kids would get. The show still focused on the family but not nearly as much as the earlier seasons. But I don't think Urkel killed the series entirely, as some do. I just think he, his character, made it science fictiony.

    So, my overall grade for this show is about a C+/B-. Good in some places, not so good in others
  • such a classic and hilsrious show that was on for 9 to 10 years.

    i think the show family matters was hilrious it was about the windslows and there children and there famous next store neibor stevie ericle that would say the famous line did i do that . but anyway the show was great it had alot good moments with him turning into bruce lee and other things but its like any other family show it has there family moments were the parents give adivce to ther children and stuff and they comegether . i remember one ep were earcle ruined the garage and drove the car through and the dad fell of the roof such a good ep. the show was great .
  • "Family Matters" is a long series of tales of Carl & Harriet Winslow, their kids, and their annoying, infamous neighbor, Steve Urkel. (Jaleel White)

    This was a great show. It was funnier than other family comedies of the time, like Full House, and it did have some serious situations. My favorite character, of course, was Steve Urkel, the nerdy neighbor boy who was in love with Laura Winslow, the oldest daughter of the family the show revolved around. So about the Winslows? The adults are fine as parents. Carl might be the most embarrassing one, if I was a teenage Winslow. Harriet can have an attitude, though, that I wasn't fond of when she used it against Carl. The kids are pretty cool. Eddie, the eldest son, is decently funny, but he gets himself into too much trouble and gets himself into more trouble when he lies about it. Laura takes after her mother and has an attitude of hatred towards Steve. Sure he's a nerd, he's pretty ugly (dressed up as Urkel) and his voice is weird, but come on. Give the guy a break! He has bowed down to Laura for so long and I am so glad they finally get together near the end of the series. Speaking of length, this show went a long time. Most of the episodes were pretty good, but some involving Steve's experiments where he became other people were sort of unrealistic, so that took some of the enjoyment out of it. But it was still a great show!
  • One of my favorite shows from the nineties. I love Family Matters.

    I hadn't even born when Family Matters began, and I was almost four by the time it ended. So obviously, I haven't been watching this show since I was born or since I was little. But I saw it a few years ago and I loved it. Only three episodes made me love it and now, I can't stop watching it. The acting on the show is very well done; they're all wonderful actors and actresses and do incredible jobs at their roles. Another thing I love on this show is the comedy; it is a hilarious series with jokes, mostly from Steve and Waldo, that leave me laughing for hours. There's been some episodes I'm not really fond of, but still there's always a joke in there that makes me burst out laughing at least once. The plots, just like the jokes, are original and good. The only things that ever really got on my nerves is Carl, who could be a little sexist, winy, and overly cheap sometimes. And the fact that this show got unrealistic towards the end. In addition, I also didn't like how they got rid of Waldo and added 3-J, who in my opinion, was not funny at all. But still I really like this show. I'm so pissed they haven't released this on DVD yet. Grade: A+.
  • Great Show And Urkel Takes Up Alot Of The Show (It's A Good Thing)

    great show it's like urkel takes up the whole show here it's weird he's like the all time best supporting (well not really) and thats the show that made him famous i haven't watched a lot of the show yet i love the other charcters in it too so i give it 9.9 for the rating also that it's on really late at nite so it is hard to watch it all the time but thank you i have comcast since i can record it all that i want so i can watch it anytime it's a really good show!
  • this show is funny

    family matters is funny.the first time i saw it is when it first came on nick at nite.this show is real funny.steves inventions that destroy carls house are funny and my favorite moment is when he destroys carls attic in the garage.this show is a funny classic tv show.waldo is funny in the one episode when they go in a bar.carl and steve are the funny characters in this show.steve cant even sing,but its really funny.this show is one of the shows funnier than home its seen at nick at nite and its really funny like drake and josh.
  • It was a great funny show until...

    Family Matters is a funny, funny great show that had real life issues such as racism, or about telling the truth and such. I love Steve Urkel he's my personal favorite on the show after awhile he's the main reason people watch the show but during the last couple of seasons this show got really really idiotic and unbelievable that's why I believe it was canceled. Come on a machine that turns Urkel into two people? How believable is that? Not very! The Cosby Show and other shows were around for a long time because of them being believable. Thanks Spiederman
  • A very good show.

    I wish television shows were like this today. I do have to say I miss the 90's. But I won't dwell on the past. I think that Family Matters was a really good show. I also thought that it had some funny bits over the years that it was on the air. All of the characters were good and I really found them to be very entertaining. My favorite character had to be Steve Urkel. I have to saythat his character is a t.v. icon. It was a very original character and was hilarious without even trying to be. It was a good time. Thank you.
  • wow

    Jaleel White bought a special character to this show. His character wasn't intended to be in all the episodes as the star. His character was only supposed to be a guest star. The director and producer liked his character so much that they decided to put him in the show as the star. The show is rated 8.7 and shouldn't change. The show was not as good as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air but also wasn't as bad as the Jerry Springer Show. The cast brought new stars on the show in almost every episode. Throughout the show, they only needed to change one cast member. That member is Jo Marie Payton to Judyann Elder that played the mother as Harriette Winslow.
  • This is one of the best shows ever!

    Another awesome olden days sitcom that is glimmering with comedy, characters, and storyline gold. This show is one of the best and most classic sitcoms ever! It truly hit fame and fortune and is a very popular show that is quite famous, for having great and funny chracters like Steve Urkel! In fact, I found out by looking at some profiles and one of them (who is a member here) was on level 85, which said Urkel. So that means You can even be a level that represents Steve Urkel on this site! The level number is 85. Well this show is awesome too! The characters are very memorable and know good comedy! This is another Nick at Nite show that I always will enjoy watching in my spare time. Only one other show is about as equally awesome and has as good comedy as this, and that I think is The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This show is one of the reasons to watch Nick at nighttime. (Nick at Nite.) It usually starts at 9 at night. I think its 10 on Friday and Saturday nights. Well hey this show is very cool and has golden plots, storylines, and characters. Family Matters is a cool and funny show. I like the whole family, I like Steve Urkel, and I also definitely love to see the dad and his daughter! His daughter is actually pretty hot! Now for favorite epsiodes, I like the one where the dad becomes a Lt. and I also like the one where they turn into karate masters due to the help of one of Steve Urkel's great inventions! They defeat a bad Chicago gang known as the Satan's Snakes or something like that. That episode was so exciting! Reruns are awesome! This review is done.
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