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  • One of the greatest shows in the world

    My favorite characters on the show are: Urkel, Carl, Eddie, 3J, Waldo and Estelle. The show was really great (and funny) to be honest, but I wish they had end the series with Laura marrying Steve, but that's okay, things can't always be your way. I love the show so much, I wish I can still see it.
  • funny show!

    Family Matters would definitely be classified as one of the best Family-oriented show! It wasn't sentimental or irritating like some of the other family shows aired in the television. How I wish this show didn't end because I think "Family Matters" is way better that any TGIF TV shows aired before! I really do miss watching it so much! It happens that one day I saw a web site selling it - memorylanedvd . com . I tried to purchase one because I've been looking for this DVD copy for a very long time. I was glad when I checked the discs, it was good. Neat packaging and nice quality. As I do not have much time to catch the re-runs, I will have to watch this show during the weekends. Family Matters is a show that gives simple fun to everyone, truly enjoyable!
  • Great show

    This was one of my favorite sitcoms for so many reasons, it had great characters and great personality. I liked every season of this show, even the more recent ones, sure it focused more on Urkel, but so what, he's a fun character.
  • This show was so good we did an intro remake

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    We loved it so much we made that remake of the intro

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  • Family Matters is hilarious with great acting, funny jokes, and loads of wonderful characters. Steve Urkel and Waldo are absolutely hilarious.

    It only takes a few episodes for you to get hooked, and it's because of fabulous comedy you're left with wanting more and more. Steve Urkel is probably what makes this show as funny as it is. All the times that he falls, screws up, or tries to get himself out of a jam will leave you on the floor laughing. Probably my favorite quote he constantly says is, "Look what you did." Along with Steve as the most hilarious one on the show, so is Waldo. Just about every comedy has an idiot and you can automatically point to Waldo on this one. But he's hilarious. There's so many quotes he says that make me laugh, that I can't name they all. The acting on this show, mostly for Jaleel White, does a wonderful job. Family Matters is one of the best shows to run in the nineties.
  • A typical 90s show about and African American family living in Chicago.

    The Winslows are the main family portrayed in this series. It is a family show and comedy that is appreciable by a wide viewer audience.

    The Winslow family is diverse with many children, two adults, and a grandmother. This is a nice family structure and continues for a long time.

    The character development throughout their entire run is very interesting, especially the never ending harassment by Steve, who played a vital role in stirring cheezy comedy.

    Through the shows many turns, there are many valuable lessons portrayed and a certain reality that most shows don't capture for a family audience. Its captivating and different from normal meaningless fun created in many other shows during the time.

    Anyone who liked old shows must watch this.
  • One of my favorite shows from the nineties. I love Family Matters.

    I hadn't even born when Family Matters began, and I was almost four by the time it ended. So obviously, I haven't been watching this show since I was born or since I was little. But I saw it a few years ago and I loved it. Only three episodes made me love it and now, I can't stop watching it. The acting on the show is very well done; they're all wonderful actors and actresses and do incredible jobs at their roles. Another thing I love on this show is the comedy; it is a hilarious series with jokes, mostly from Steve and Waldo, that leave me laughing for hours. There's been some episodes I'm not really fond of, but still there's always a joke in there that makes me burst out laughing at least once. The plots, just like the jokes, are original and good. The only things that ever really got on my nerves is Carl, who could be a little sexist, winy, and overly cheap sometimes. And the fact that this show got unrealistic towards the end. In addition, I also didn't like how they got rid of Waldo and added 3-J, who in my opinion, was not funny at all. But still I really like this show. I'm so pissed they haven't released this on DVD yet. Grade: A+.
  • A very good show.

    I wish television shows were like this today. I do have to say I miss the 90's. But I won't dwell on the past. I think that Family Matters was a really good show. I also thought that it had some funny bits over the years that it was on the air. All of the characters were good and I really found them to be very entertaining. My favorite character had to be Steve Urkel. I have to saythat his character is a t.v. icon. It was a very original character and was hilarious without even trying to be. It was a good time. Thank you.
  • Steve Urkel is hilarious.

    I just saw one of the episodes on Nick @ Nite and I thought it was funny! One of my favorite characters from the show is Steve Urkel. One of his funniest catchphrases is "Did I do that?", and calling Carl Winslow "Big Guy". This is one of the greatest sitcoms in the 1980s next to "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". It was a shame that it had been cancelled in the late 1990s, but at least we still see the reruns on Nick @ Nite. Like I said, "Family Matters" is one of the most funniest sitcoms of all time!
  • Barely started watching it on late June 2008.

    I never knew about this until it was being shown on NICK. My brother & sister watched this before I did..just like That 70's Show. but anyways, this show is hilarious. Though Nick@Nite made a mistake by showing the Episodes out of order & showing some ad at the credits even though something about the episode is being shown during the credits. I enjoy watching this episode alot. It would be my Top 5 Favorite "real life[not reality]" show. Can't wait until the Show heats up around the last 4 Seasons. But for some reason Nick has never shown the Myrtle Urkel or Stefan Episodes yet, & I really want to see it but overall a great & funny show.
  • The greatest show on television in my opion.

    This show centers around the Winslow family.. and Steve Urkel! =D Okay, first the Winslow family. Carl Winslow is the "tad overweight" cop of the Windy City, Illinois and is married to Harriet Winslow. They have a son-the oldest-Eddie, or Edward. He's tall, athletic, like girls-lol-and is pretty funny. He's a great character, and unlike most shows, he comes to his father when he does something wrong, or something wrong happens to him.

    Judy Winslow is their youngest daughter, and their youngest child. Judy rarely appeared in many episodes, and I never got used to her. She wasn't really my favorite character. Her parents convinced her to quit the show and she went on to do something else. Laura Winslow, middle child but oldest of the two daughters, is an attractive, sarcastic (like mother, like daughter, lol) and smart girl. Steve Urkel, played by Jaleel White-yep this is where he comes in-is attracted to Laura. He first appeared in an episode called "Laura's First Date", midway through the first season. He was only meant to be a recurring character but audiences everywhere loved Steve and he was then a regular.

    Steve is a smart and brainy, and is the coolest nerd you'll ever find. =D He's attracted to Laura who a lot during the show, constantly rejected him. In a 1994 episode, he once said it has been over 900 rejections for Laura to go out with him. Lol. But then, fortunately for me, Laura started falling for Steve late, and soon got engaged but were never seen married. =( Myra, played by Michelle Thomas who died at age 28 of cancer, frequently tried to break up the couple 'cause, crazily, she was somehow extremly crazy for Steve from the very start. She constantly annoyed me, seriously.

    That's all the main characters besides Mama Winslow-Estelle-Carl's mother who gets remarried in 1993 or 1994. She is a wise grandmother, but grandmothers are supposed to be wise, right? She is funny and a great part to the show. Waldo Geraldo Faldo, is the dumb but lovable friend of Eddie's. You could get by with him saying the blue stuff in the air is water and the moon is made out of cheese. =P That's it.

  • this show focuses on the family of a cop and his wife and his three children

    i loved this show back in the day and when i found out it would be on nick soon i was screaming so loud it woke up my i will definitely watch it..i used to watch it every sunday when it came on and i loved it..its so funny..carl tries to keep things together but obviously that doesnt happen most of the time and harriet is the more lenient parent..the kids are so kooky and crazy and it got even crazier when harriet's sister moved in..the kid added to the craziness..and the most loveable and dorky character was obviously erkel..and when he became stephan..oo whee
  • Ahh....Family Matters! A show that changed comedy forever!

    I have loved this show for a long long time, even as a little kid. The jokes were hysterical and good enough to tickle one's own funny bone in a natural way rather than get people to laugh through the most vile methods known to man. Jaleel White will be forever remembered as Steve Urkel, America's favorite nerd. I sometimes even do a few impersonations every now and then like the laughing pig snort, the "Did I do that?" and many more! This is one show I can never get tired of, nor outgrow. I will try to watch this show whenever I can.
  • The Steve Urkel Show

    Yes, they should have most definitely renamed Family Matters, The Steve Urkel Show. The other actors were OK, but it was really Jaleel White that made the show so excellent. I watched some episodes when this show first started off, in the first few seasons, and I couldn't help but notice how terribly bland it was, and most of the main actors and recurring were part of the original cast. But once they added actor Jaleel White to the show, it improved it very much for the good and for the sake of this show's ratings. The writers, producers, and directors were all very aware of how modest their ratings and how small thew viewer audience was, and they found the perfect solution to save their show, and they added him just in time too. You have to give them a lot of credit for that, and that is why I give this show a 10.
  • one of the best shows I ever watched

    classic to the bone.One of the best comedy shows I ever watched.Hole family is funny but Steve Urkel is freaking funny
    one of the classical characters and one of the best besides Al Bundy.season 2 and 3 are the best and that freaking idiots from network stoped producing the series because the popularity was declining.They adleast should`ve had the decency to finish the show and not to stop it in the middle of the season
  • I liked Family Matter since I was six or seven years old!

    Man, this show were so funny and got the greatest character of all times.....Steve, I loved that character as much I like Carl. Everytime bad things happen Steve always says " Did I do that" had me cachinnation everytime I see that. The theme song was estimable almost good as the " Full House" theme, I wish I could recorded the theme on my computer.

    I feel sorry about Mylra ( If that how you spelled her name) Michelle Thompson had died in 1998 of a stomach disease before the show had ended, she were a humourous character and have a crush on Steve.

    Long live Family Matters! :)
  • Classic about a lower to middle middle class family in the southside of Chicage in an urban neighborhood it started off simple enough family sitcom like except they were African American the most popular african american show next to the Jefferson;s

    This show taught more about class and chivalry and honor than anything I've seen the role of Jaleel is unprecedented and could not ever be matched again by anyone even himself to this day it is his most famous role and that's not a bad thing the fact that it did what it did tackled so many issues in one of the rawest ways i've seen on television with Urkel all the way i guess im not allowed to say what i wanted to say so hit me if you wanna hear
  • Classic show that is eminent because of Steve Urkel! LOL! Man I loved this show.

    Not many shows get steadily better every season, but Family Matters was one of those amzaing shows. I LOVED seeing Steve Urkel get more Urkel-like each season. :P And I loved seeing the other characters grow up too. It was such a fresh and unique show. It didn't have a cliched theme like so many other sitcoms. I loved seeing Steve goof up and get himself and others in, and sometimes out, of trouble. And I liked seeing how Laura developed feelings for Steve. ( sweet.) It had its serious times, as well as it's hilarious moments. Family Matters was just an all around good show, and will always be one of my all-time favorites.
  • Jaleel White rocks!!!

    If they ever release this show on DVD, we should NOT buy the 1st season box set! Jaleel White as Steven Urkel is da MAN! He rocks! He's also Sonic the Hedgehog! Ignore all negative reviews about Steven Urkel, and get the 2nd season first! This show is NOTHING without Jaleel White!
  • It truly is a classic of good television. The antics Steve does is the whole reason to watch the show.

    Family Matters is a perfect spinoff from Perfect Strangers in which Harriet Winslow was the elevator operator. But this show focuses on her family, the Winslows. And they are Harriet Winslow(Jo Marie Payton then later played by Judyann Elder in episodes 206-214 when Payton left)Carl Winslow(Reginald VelJohnson)Eddie Winslow(Darius McCrary)and Laura Winslow(Kellie Shanygne Williams). Judy Winslow was another daughter they had, but one episode she walked up the stairs and never walked down again. Her character was discontinued after season 4. Although slow in the beginning, Family Matters finally picked up the pace with the addition of Steve in season 2, his antics and flubbed "inventions" wreaked havoc with the Winslows the entire series. But he became the main draw of the show, because of how funny he was to watch. And no one can forget his unrecquited love for Laura. He later dated Myra for 3 seasons but in season 9, Laura finally decided that Steve was the one she loved, and the moment fans had been waiting for since the beginning finally happened....Steve proposed to Laura and she accepted!!!! Unfortunately, soon after they got engaged, NASA called on Steve for his assistance with setting up his science project in space. In order to do this he would have to train for 6 months, before finally getting deployed into space. And once in space his invention goes wonky, and attracts a satelite to the space shuttle, which it puncures. As the other two astonaughts aboard are unconcious and injured it's up to Steve to go outside the ship and dislodge the satelite. The country is watching nervously as all of this takes place, and when Laura here's about his tether not being attached, and that he will just float into space forever, she breaks down. But Steve, ever the one to surpass people's expectations, finds a way to get back to the space shuttle safely. Cheers go up around the nation. The episode and series conclude with a heartwrenching final scene of Laura talking to Steve and telling him never to leave her again, and them embraced in a passionate kiss. The perfect way to end the series.:) If you've never seen this, or just haven't bothered to watch the reruns, go do it, it is truly a classic meant to be seen over and over again.

    My favorite adults:

    My favorite younger ones:

    My favorite Ships:
  • this is one of my favorite sitcoms its alot like step by step only its funny and the families black

    this is one of my favorite sitcoms its alot like step by step only its funny and the families is black The show started like fox's version of the cosby show but when they introduced thenew main character, Steve urkel, it became a hit how thast pretty wacky and out of this world, The only question i have is how they some how planned to get rid of Judy and not have anyone who watches notice, I mean they could have had an episode where she goes on an exchange program ( i dont thik thats possible for middle schoolers but oh well)
  • One of My favorite 90's shows in the TGIF block. Get this on DVD now!

    I used to always watch this every week on TGIF. I used to always come home from school and be like "TGIF is on tonight!" What made this show so funny was the nerdy neighbor Steve Urkel. He became so popular that many people started referring to this show as The Steve Urkel Show instead of Family Matters. Steve Urkel would always come over to the Winslow's house to pester Carl and see annoy Laura. Even though Laura rejected Steve numerous times, he never gave up. What was funny about Steve was his funny inventions. Steve always caused some kind of an accident and then used his catchphrase "Did I do that?". I still enjoy watching syndicated reruns on ABC Family at 1PM. Please get this show on DVD pronto!
  • One of the great shows of the 90's!

    Family Matters is one of the classic shwos that everyone can watch. It was a funny, clean show, a combination that is rarely seen on the comedy shows today. Steve was a loveable chracter who was wacky, clumsy, but a good person who in the end after years of rejection gets the girl of his dreams. The Winslow family was a typical family that had its issues every once and a while but are always able to stay together, a value that isn't seen too often today on TV. When the show went to ABC and CBS the plots got a little crazy (but interesting at the same time), but the show was still very good. They should do a reunion show sometime, that would fun to see.
  • This show is a show based on the life of a geeky teenage boy named Steve. Steve is the classic high school nerd trying to win the love of his life.

    Family Matter is a family show with a typical family and the neighbor who nobody likes. Steve (the neighbor) tries everything that he possibly can to win Laura\\\'s heart, but nothing he seems to do works. Except for the episode where Steve turns him self into Stephan. Stephan has no problem winning Laura, that is until he then tells Laura that he was really Steve. Steve is the kid with the really annoying laugh and is very clumsy, it is not out of the ordinary for Steve to break something and say \\\"DID I DO THAT?\\\" Carl is the typical humorous cop. Carl and Steve do not see eye to eye very often.
  • My favorite television show

    Family matters was the greatest show ever on TV. It focused on the Winslow family, and after a while, on Steve Urkel. Steve was the best character for his funny sayings, and I just love to turn on the television and watch this show when I am bored. I found a few episodes to be rather annoying, a lot of them being in the later episodes, but mainly, this show was great and one to watch as much as possible. So I would suggest that if you have not seen this show, check it out, because you will love it.
  • this is the best family sitecom cuz like it's ole school but it still hits home and stefan and steve are both too hot for words lol yeah i'm an urkel freak

    this is the best family sitecom cuz like it's ole school but it still hits home and stefan and steve are both too hot for words lol yeah i'm an urkel freak but no like every now and then when i have time i watch a little and it makes me feel like their my close friends that i haven't seen in a while but no family matter's isn't like any other show because they bringin new and lovable characters like murtel urkel and o.g.d steves cousin from detroit lol but yeah thats why this show should come back lol
  • Awesome Show!!!

    Family Matters is like one of the best series I've ever seen it's really funny I wish it could keep going at least they still show it unlike all these other shows now they dont even bother to show them. They show make a channel where shows like this and other could air that'd be great!
    Anyway... I give this show a two thumbs up!
  • It's very, funny this show.

    The story of Family Matters was a great hit ever since the first episode. It has lasted for 9 seasons. It's very hard to believe it's over. Oh well! The many concepts used in this show were very dramatic. Theres a nerd, who swithces into a cool person using his machine. Then, there's the father of the house who lives right next door to the science guy. He's a police officer who's been married to a wonderful wife. They have three kids: oldest son, 2nd oldest daughter, younger daughter, and in the final seasons, the youngest son who's adopted and is friends with her aunt's son. Therefore, the show gets pretty twisted sometimes and definently unpredictable. This is absolutely wonderful Show!
  • Great Show

    The Greatest Show ever its a really great show yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
  • Best Show ever!

    Best show ever!I love it!Bring it back!Theres alot of junky shows that the reason I laughing at it is because there actually being aired!Not this one!Love it!To bad comedys our the genre with the fewest long shows!If this was a soap,it would still be in its prime 20 years from now!I mean an ultra-cool guy disguised as a nerd is super funny its self,But constint experamint mess-ups and "Did I do that!''s,its SO funny!I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Urkel, come back!I even named my pet fish Steve!So please, o please bring it back!I know i'll make a show called 2006,Family Matters a decade later! bye!
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