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  • Is a wonderful show

    In this show is everything fantastic, the family, very humoristic, the actors.

    They're a wonderful family, Carl and Harriet are a marriage that really love and Steve is very intelligent. Everybody love each other in the series and Laura treats Steve like dirt but at the end she feels sorry, she loves him only like a friend, but he's deeply in love with her.
  • This show is about the Winslows, a typical American family, with the classic American nerd living next door, Stee Urkel. Steve is madly in love with the daughter, Laura, but she doesn't accept him. Steve also manages to push the rest of the family over th

    This in one of the best shows ever in the history of ABC, CBS, and the whole TV industry! Basically this is the whole outline of the show, other than what my summary said. This show is about the Winslows, a typical American family. There is Carl, the husband, father, and cop, Hariette, the wife and mother of the family, Eddie, the "bad" son, Laura, the daughter and Urkel's love intrest, Ritchie, Rachel's son, 3J, the adopted son from the children's center, Rachel, th aunt and writer, Mother Winslow, the streetwise mother of Carl, and, last but not least, Steve Urkel, the lovable nerd that lives next door who always manages to get on everyone's nerves. He has done many things, from making "Stevil", his killer dummy, to shrinking himself and Carl, to making himself into Stefan Urquelle with his "transmogrifier" (that's not what it's callled, I made the name up) who became Laura's love intrest. After the Urkel's moved to Russia, the Winslows adopted Steve so that he wouldn't have to go. After years of being pushed away by Laura, she finally started to like him since he chaged his "image". But, before they could get married, CBS cut off the show, so we must leave it to our imagination.
  • Steve,Laura,Eddie,Carl,Harriet,Richie,Rachel,Maxine,Waldo and late season 8 addition 3J made this show a hit.

    This show was/is amazing. Every episode from episode 1 all the way to episode 214/215 \"Lost In Space\" are hilarious. With the addition of the \"nerd\" steve urkel, Family matters became the longest running black show in history. This show is also, in my opinion, one of the funniest shows of all time.
  • I loved Family Matters. It was a great show and I wish that was still on.

    I personally loved the show Family Matters I really loved the end of the show when Laura and Steve finally became a couple but I wish that the show didn't have to end. I can't wait until Kellie Shanygne Williams and Jaleel White's new show "The Family Table" come out if it's not a rumor. I hope that it's not a rumor.
  • Classic

    This show was/is amazing. Every episode from episode 1 all the way to episode 214/215 "Lost In Space" are hilarious. With the addition of the "nerd" steve urkel, Family matters became the longest running black show in history. This show is also, in my opinion, one of the funniest shows of all time.
  • Classic TV

    I still watch the reruns of this show. It was a true classic. The humor was funny and clean. The story line took a natural curve from Laura hating Steve until they finally got together. The show ended to soon. It left me hanging to see a conclusion to Laura and Steve. Though it was odd to see a different character playing Harriet in the final episodes the show was still great. The show was filled with great acting and some great issues like when Rachaels diner got vandelized. Or when Eddie got pulled over for being in the "wrong neighborhood". Great show
  • A very very funny show!

    I watched this show for a long time, I watched in reruns and when it was on TGIF, that ABC Friday lineup (Thank God it's Friday) The truth be known this show would be absolutely nothing without Steve Urkel. The show was essentially a typical sitcom of the eighties that was goody two shoes and nothing ever really bad happened. In a way it remained that way even after the show but Steve Urkel made it so much funnier.

    The show was about the Winslow family, the burly man of the house, Carl Winslow, his wife Harriot, an elevator operator, her sister, Rachel, Carl's grandmother, Estelle, and their children, Laura, the smart girl, Eddie, the cool guy, Judy, the average girl, and Rachel's little boy, Richie.

    I was watching this show when Urkel became a phenomenon. There were Urkel dolls, toys, everyone was saying his catch-phrases, ‘Did I do that?' ‘Salutations,' and his pig-life laugh. I have to admit, he still cracks me up. He was incredibly clumsy too, he had a tendency to destroy almost anything he touched. And I remember ‘Do the Urkel,' the guest appearances by Shanice, Freddie Jackson, Donna Summer (as Aunt Una from Altoona), and I watched almost everyone of the early shows in first run. This was great stuff.

    Many people do not know this, but this show was actually a spin-off of Perfect Strangers, where Harriot Winslow was an elevator operator at the Chicago Chronicle, where Balki and Larry worked. This show outlasted Perfect Strangers by five years. The show was hilarious. Early in the show there was Carl's boss, who was hilarious, Lieutenant Murtaugh. After he left, the show lost some of it's hilarity. Then there was the incredibly stupid Waldo Geraldo Faldo, a friend of Eddies. It was much funnier in it's first few seasons, but never seemed to capture the early years in it's later shows.

    I think part of the reason it did was the early years with Urkel seemed to be a little more fun. There was the episode where Steve had a dream sequence where his computer destroyed the world. There were very good episodes about Urkel being a nerd and not being able to fend for himself. As the show went on it became a little off the wall, like Stefan Urkel, Steve's suave alter ego becoming a separate person. Still there were some great episodes all the way through.

    The show was definitely on it's last leg in the 1995-1996 season. They just seemed to run out of stuff to do. The situation was not helped when soon after the show was moved to CBS. I actually watched one or two episodes on CBS, it was terrible. The best part of the show to me was watching Carl and Steve go at it. Carl was a great foil to Steve Urkel. It was always funny to watch Steve's futile attempts to go after Laura Winslow. You always wanted him to get with her, you know, pulling for the underdog.

    This is a great show. If you ever get a chance to watch it in reruns watch it, it is very funny. On occasion there were some serious issues dealt with, like under-aged drinking, racism, gang violence, sexism and some other things. It was actually pretty cool, the show did not always have a happy ending either, something else that was pretty cool about the show. Anyways I think it's cool, and I think it is still funny.

  • This show was great the first four seasons, about a husband and wife, their 3 kids, the mom's sister and nephew, and the dad's mother. But after the fourth season, 1 of their kids (Judy) dissapear and so does the mom's sister (Rachel) abbondoning her son

    This show was great, with a pesky genius living next door, Steve Urkel who had a cruch on the daughter Laura. Then we were introduced to their son Eddie's friend Waldo Faldo, who isn't exactly Einstien. Then their younger daugter Judy, along with Harriette's (the mother) sister Rachel dissapear, abbandoning her son Richie. Rachel did make some other appearances, but not many. Then Waldo leaves, the grandmother and Richie dissapears in the final season. I loved this show until the fifth season, then it make's no sense. But I really like the first four seasons, it's very funny. Watch it!
  • While the show is entertaining, there are several problems with it.

    I've always been a huge Jaleel White fan and find him adorable, but this show quickly became way beneath him. He totally made the show, and if that made the other actors or other viewers mad, so be it. White deserved so much better as as actor! The character of "Urkel" was cute and endearing when White was little, but it should have been let go when he hit puberty. I'm glad they brought in the character of Stefan Urquelle, because at least the viewers were able to see White for the dignified young man and actor that he blossomed into. Even the thug character of OGD demonstrated White's tremendously diverse acting talent in a way that the post-puberty Urkel did not, because OGD was at least a masculine character, albeit rough and uncouth.

    Family Matters really overdid it with the physical comedy and the slapstick. A sitcom is supposed to invigorate the viewer, but it really drains me, just because it's so noisy and slapsticky.

    Another thing that is grating about FM is the agnonizingly sadistic and chronic male-bashing, with the men coming back for more pain all in the name of sexual equality. While I can appreciate the accentuation of the intelligence and personal success of characters Harriet and Laura, they were always "smarter" than Carl and Steve. They always won. And Steve was a multilingual scientific genius! I'm not saying that womens' characters need to be weak like Edith Bunker (equally degrading) but would it have hurt to show Carl giving Harriet advice for once instead of it constantly being the other way around? Carl and Steve's characters were certainly humble enough that it wouldn't have hurt to give a little more humility to the characters of Harriet and Laura. It ticked me off that in order for Steve to get a smidgin of kindness from Laura, he had to make her cry with a sentimental monologue in an early marriage school project episode. Talk about crocodile tears! I think another reason I was both thrilled and relieved by the Urquelle character, was it showed a man on T.V. being respected by a woman for once - especially on a show that jumped on the "Family Values" bandwagon. Sorry, pompous and self-righteous matriarchy isn't anymore of a "family value" than patriarchal tyranny is.

  • Family Matters was an ABC sitcom originally centered on a middle class African American family. It was a spin off of Balki and Larry. However when Steve Urkel came to the show, it completely changed. Instead of being a show cancelled in 1-2 years the show

    If you think about it Family Matters is just basically Full House and Cosby show put together. An all African American ensemble trying to resolve everyday issues. However enter Steve Urkel, after a one spot guest appearance he was hired by Family Matters as a regular. Playing the African American nerd, Steve Urkel was able to create conflict and thus save the show. With his memorable lines, "Did I do that?" and "Look what you did". He became a pop culture icon. The show is a very typical sitcom. It deals with issues but resolves them within a 25 minute time frame. However like all things good, Urkel grew up and he sort of played himself out. However throughout the thick of this show, switching from ABC to CBS it was great. It may not be the greatest sitcom but it sure puts a lot of laughs.
  • What a shame...

    This show is a definite classic. It is a little awkward compared to other family programs, but that only made it more interesting. It's a shame that the series was cut short. There was supposed to be one more season that would've wrapped it all up. Steve would have married Laura, etc. But when the cast returned for the new season, they found the set destroyed.
  • A spin off of Perfect Strangers, Family Matters became a super hit mainly because of an annoying but funny next door neighbor.

    I've always loved this show though I actually like the younger steve urkel than the older one. And of course I had a crush on Stefan lol. Carl Winslow was another character that I absolutely loved he was just so funny. I don't know how you cannot love the show
  • Urkel is what glues this show together.

    Okay... so this isn\'t my favorite show, but it\'s good when there\'s nothing else on TV.

    Steve Urkel is what glues this show together, for without him, the show would be quite unfunny, excluding the Carl\'s mother who is also really funny.

    All in all... this a pretty good show, but not the greatest ever seen on ABC\'s TGIF lineup.
  • Family Matters is a show about the Winslow family who lives next to nerdy annoying Steve Urkel.

    Family Matters is one of the best shows out there. There are 9 seasons so if you just started liking the show it is going to take quite a while to see every episode and know it by heart. Each episode is overall more than 8.00 in the ratings. Urkel is considered a legend in my eyes because every time Steve Urkel walks to through the door the audience applauds him. For some odd reason Family Matters only got an 8.4 in but I think it deserves at least a 9.0 but that is not my official score. However after 9 seasons Family Matters stopped creating new episodes but it is in syndication on ABC family week days at 12:00-1:00.
  • Classic

    this is one of the shows that I will review and proably only seen five episodes of it. But it is an Awsome and great great show. The only few episodes ive seen i will base this show on. I like the nerd linger on the show he is funny. And i wonder how he could ever could get a date.
  • It's not called Urkel

    Many people refer to this as "The Urkel Show" but he didn't even show up until halfway through season 1. The show wasn't all that great until he showed up and I don't think it would have lasted more than a season or two without him. It got a little ridiculous when his clone actually became a separate character though. And the show broke one of my own cardinal rules. DO not "forget" characters. Daughter Judy simply disappeared and was never mentioned again. THis has been done many times on other shows like Happy Days, Life With Bonnie and Step By Step. It is infuriating. Just because producers decide to forget characters doesn't mean that we the viewers will! Sure, in this case Judy wasn't a major character but at least say she got a scholarship to a performing arts school or something.
  • Steve Urkel is an icon!!!! I love this show but hated the last season. Very funny show though, and funny characters such as Myra and very good episode plots.

    This show was great and should def come out on dvd love it alot. I loved Laura cause she was beautiful and loved Steve Urkel. Wesel and Waldo were very funny to and Eddie was great in the show. The big guy Carol was not to bad himself. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!
  • A classic sitcom premiering on ABC in September 1989 involving Harriette Winslow and her family living in Chicago. As well as America's favorite nerd, Steve Urkel, the Winslows' next door neighbor. The show deals with the Winslows trying to get through li

    A great sitcom, although I personally think the show was much better off without Steve Urkel. The first three seasons were, in my opinion, the best since the show focused more on the family than Steve\'s antics and inventions. But by its fourth season, you can clearly start to see that the show tightened its focus on Steve Urkel more than the Winslows, which caused several Winslow family members such as Rachel, Judy, Richie and Mother Winslow to disappear. By the seventh season, every episode involved either one of Steve's inventions or schemes to draw Laura closer to him. Excuse me, but I thought the show was titled "Family Matters," not "The Steve Urkel Show".
  • You just got to love Urkel and Rekel!

    I miss this show so much. Especially Steve and Stephan. And Laura. It\'s a good thing they have repeats. This was defiantely oen of the best shows ever made. This was made by Disney, believe it or not. It was on ABC, and Disney Owns ABC, so you know the rest. ABC created it and so its a Disney Show. Just a few words, BRING IT BACK!
  • Classic!

    I watched Family Matters as I was growing up, and I stil watch the re-runs today. Urkel may have been an annoyance for Carl Winslow, but he was a hoot for me! This show was very entertaining. It had mostly comedy, but would throw in the occasional drama and what not. I remember the few episodes that would promote gun/violence prevention and what not. Even though most would think that's cheesy, I tend to like that. At least with certain shows. Overall, a great classic!
  • Definitely good

    This show doesn't deserve a 10. It deserves 100. The show wasn't all that great at the first season, but as soon as Steve Urkel(Jaleel White) stepped in, it became a really good show. It takes away the pressures of everydayife by making Urkel do those clumsy things to make everyone laugh. The show just got funnier by adding Waldo to the show, and they even show Jaleel White as a regular person as Stepphan Urquelle. Urkel's obsession with cheese put me over the edge, and also the way that everyone wanted too avoid him except Myra. By the last season Laura started to like Steve and soon they were engaged. Even though the show didn't have an ending, it did really well in its years.
  • great show

    about a family residing in chicago with an annoying neighbor who is always chasing after the daughter(Laura) and having constant accidents causing him to tear up the winslow household. A great comedy, but it lost points because of the ending. It was so predicatable and everybody knew that Laura would end up with steve. I think it could've ended up different, but overall it's a classic show.
  • I loved A Family Matters. I have been watching it since it first started. I liked Laura Winslow played by Kellie Shanygne Williams because she is one of my favorite characters in the show.

    Family Matters was set in a house with the Harriet's Sisters.

    For years the main characters have remained in the story. Others came and went sometimes for short periods and sometimes for many episodes.

    They helped to make the story more exciting.
    Some of the main chracters were Carl, Laura, Edddie, Steve Urkel and Judy.

    Each episode was a story on its own but it formed part of the whole story.
  • Uh.. did I do that!?

    Family Matters was a sitcom based on a middle class African-American family living in Chicago that ran from 1989 to 1998 on ABC and later on CBS. The show, which was a spinoff of Perfect Strangers, originally focused on the character of Harriet Winslow and her family: husband Carl Winslow, a police officer; rebel son Eddie Winslow; smart daughter Laura Winslow; and youngest child Judy Winslow. They had opened their home to Harriet's sister Rachel Crawford and her son Richie Crawford, as well as Carl's streetwise mother Estelle Winslow.

    Steve Urkel (played by Jaleel White), was the most famous character on the show. Introduced midway through the first season, the bespectacled Urkel, complete with high-pitched voice and suspenders, was the ultimate nerd; he was highly intelligent but was very clumsy. His trademark line, "Did I do that?" (whenever he caused an accident) became a catchphrase imitated across the United States.

    Originally intended to be a one time only character, White's portrayal of Urkel was so enthusiastically received, that he became a permanent part of the cast; in fact, several scripts had to be hastily rewritten to include Urkel, while new opening gags were added on already completed shows.
  • Fun show until it became the Steve Urkel Science Hour

    One of the staples of any kid in the 90s after school TV watching diet. It was a decent, but tame family show that became more interesting and more popular when Steve Urkel came aboard. Unfortunately, the show increasingly focused on the exploits of Steve and the show started going downhill fast.

    Steve Urkel is just like alcohol and religion. They're best in small doses, for small moments where you can appreciate what they have to offer. That's where Steve worked best. Sometimes a lot can be fun and even liberating, and some Steve-centric episodes were hilarious. But too much for too long can turn a good thing into a disease. Steve Urkel was a disease during that final few years. Shows started focusing on his love life, how he could magically turn into different characters by hopping into a machine, and culminating in a ridicluous final episode where he went to the moon. I wish he stayed.
  • The Winslow family is a pretty normal family except for one thing, their neighbor Stephen Urkel. A genius and klutz Steve makes some really weird inventions while driving the Winslow\'s insane.

    I watched this show for a long time, I watched in reruns and when it was on TGIF, that ABC Friday lineup (Thank God it\'s Friday) The truth be known this show would be absolutely nothing without Steve Urkel. The show was essentially a typical sitcom of the eighties that was goody two shoes and nothing ever really bad happened. In a way it remained that way even after the show but Steve Urkel made it so much funnier.
  • "Did I do that"

    This was a great show, I used to watch it all the time, Steve Urkel was funny,he would never stop courting Laura even though she would always turn him down, The show had a great cast, I had the pleasure of meeting Jo-Marie she is a very nice lady. I like mother winslow she was great,Family Matters was just a classic show.
  • What's the different between Summary and Review? What are we suppose to write on the Summary section?

    It's true that without Steve Urkel this show would just be another typical show of family problems and within 30min the problem would be solve. Steve made it funny, and added a new flavor.

    It is just too bad they did not have a proper ending. Unlike other shows. Anyways, I wished they had a better ending like Urkel & Laura actually had a wedding. Correct me if I\\\'m wrong, but isn\\\'t it because Michelle Thomas (as Myra), had a stomach cancer and died at December 1998. Was that one of the reason why they decided not to continue it?
  • Great Show

    Is it me, or didn\\\\\\\'t CBS pick up \\\\\\\"Family Matters\\\\\\\" for it\\\\\\\'s final season? It had a series finale on ABC, then went straight to CBS for another year (if my memory serves me right). CBS was trying to compete with ABC for some sort of TGIF theme,called a Friday Night Block Party, which failed miserably. They even replaced Harriet Winslow with an actress named Judy Ann Elders, Gina\\\\\\\'s mom from \\\\\\\"Martin\\\\\\\". And yes, I do remember Urkel and Laura getting married. All in all, though, great family show, hated to see it end.
  • -

    Definitely a great show. The episodes were packed with so much drama and realism experienced by teens, parents, and family overall. Even with the absence of one of the children, the show went on strong. However; when the show really became focused around Urkel, the show lost some its flair and family appeal. And also the adding of young 3J and Stephan. That was a little much but I will still always love the show.
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