Family Matters

ABC (ended 1998)



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  • This is one of the best shows ever!

    Another awesome olden days sitcom that is glimmering with comedy, characters, and storyline gold. This show is one of the best and most classic sitcoms ever! It truly hit fame and fortune and is a very popular show that is quite famous, for having great and funny chracters like Steve Urkel! In fact, I found out by looking at some profiles and one of them (who is a member here) was on level 85, which said Urkel. So that means You can even be a level that represents Steve Urkel on this site! The level number is 85. Well this show is awesome too! The characters are very memorable and know good comedy! This is another Nick at Nite show that I always will enjoy watching in my spare time. Only one other show is about as equally awesome and has as good comedy as this, and that I think is The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This show is one of the reasons to watch Nick at nighttime. (Nick at Nite.) It usually starts at 9 at night. I think its 10 on Friday and Saturday nights. Well hey this show is very cool and has golden plots, storylines, and characters. Family Matters is a cool and funny show. I like the whole family, I like Steve Urkel, and I also definitely love to see the dad and his daughter! His daughter is actually pretty hot! Now for favorite epsiodes, I like the one where the dad becomes a Lt. and I also like the one where they turn into karate masters due to the help of one of Steve Urkel's great inventions! They defeat a bad Chicago gang known as the Satan's Snakes or something like that. That episode was so exciting! Reruns are awesome! This review is done.
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