Family Matters

ABC (ended 1998)





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  • It seems like this family doesn't other words AVOID

    How did this show last for 9 seasons is beyond me. This has to be one of the worst sitcoms that I have seen throughout my 15 years on Earth. There was hardly a thing funny about this show. It was just the typical Miller-Boyett dreck.

    For starters, this show is called "Family Matters" not "The Steve Urkel Show". The title of this show is misleading because the show mainly focused on Urkel and not the family. I will admit that the earlier episodes did focus on the family, but once Urkel showed up, he ruined the whole show. Later seasons were completely unwatchable as these episodes focused on Urkel and his sub characters (Stephan, Original Gangsta Dawg) etc. Characters disappeared without explaination such as Judy. In fact, her character didn't really do much in the show.

    Like Full House and other TGIF drivel, this show was filled with corny morals and sappy moments. Where is the comedy in that? The plots were ridiculous, even for a sitcom. Urkel's weird inventions would send the family off into space, to Paris etc. What is funny about that? Nothing.

    This show is great for kids 12 and under, but if you want a show that is actually funny, I suggest that you avoid this show at all costs.