Family Matters

ABC (ended 1998)





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  • One of my favorite shows from the nineties. I love Family Matters.

    I hadn't even born when Family Matters began, and I was almost four by the time it ended. So obviously, I haven't been watching this show since I was born or since I was little. But I saw it a few years ago and I loved it. Only three episodes made me love it and now, I can't stop watching it. The acting on the show is very well done; they're all wonderful actors and actresses and do incredible jobs at their roles. Another thing I love on this show is the comedy; it is a hilarious series with jokes, mostly from Steve and Waldo, that leave me laughing for hours. There's been some episodes I'm not really fond of, but still there's always a joke in there that makes me burst out laughing at least once. The plots, just like the jokes, are original and good. The only things that ever really got on my nerves is Carl, who could be a little sexist, winy, and overly cheap sometimes. And the fact that this show got unrealistic towards the end. In addition, I also didn't like how they got rid of Waldo and added 3-J, who in my opinion, was not funny at all. But still I really like this show. I'm so pissed they haven't released this on DVD yet. Grade: A+.