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  • "Family Matters" is a long series of tales of Carl & Harriet Winslow, their kids, and their annoying, infamous neighbor, Steve Urkel. (Jaleel White)

    This was a great show. It was funnier than other family comedies of the time, like Full House, and it did have some serious situations. My favorite character, of course, was Steve Urkel, the nerdy neighbor boy who was in love with Laura Winslow, the oldest daughter of the family the show revolved around. So about the Winslows? The adults are fine as parents. Carl might be the most embarrassing one, if I was a teenage Winslow. Harriet can have an attitude, though, that I wasn't fond of when she used it against Carl. The kids are pretty cool. Eddie, the eldest son, is decently funny, but he gets himself into too much trouble and gets himself into more trouble when he lies about it. Laura takes after her mother and has an attitude of hatred towards Steve. Sure he's a nerd, he's pretty ugly (dressed up as Urkel) and his voice is weird, but come on. Give the guy a break! He has bowed down to Laura for so long and I am so glad they finally get together near the end of the series. Speaking of length, this show went a long time. Most of the episodes were pretty good, but some involving Steve's experiments where he became other people were sort of unrealistic, so that took some of the enjoyment out of it. But it was still a great show!
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