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ABC (ended 1998)





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  • Family Matters was one of the best shows to run through the nineties.

    The good thing about Family Matters is that it wasn't as cheesy as some of the other nineties sitcoms such as Full House and Saved by the Bell, mostly in the middle of the show. Towards the end of the show, it did begin to get somewhat unrealistic and corny. Like many fans of this show, I think Steve Urkel was hilarious, especially with that nasally voice he had. But my favorite character was probably Waldo just because of his lack of common sense; both of them always made me laugh. I always laugh at the cracks that Steve made about his parents hating him and treating him like Steve ruined their lives. I felt bad for Steve, but I must admit that they were hilarious. Jaleel White did a fantastic job playing Steve, and all the other ones he had to play: Myrtle, Stefan, and so on. Don't get me wrong. I thought the other characters were entertaining, and funny, except for Judy 3-J; honestly I was disappointed that they got rid of Judy, and I was always annoyed by 3J who I thought was just a pointless add on. I wish they had kept Waldo instead of him. My only complaints with Family Matters is that as the show progressed, it began to get a little unrealistic, especially in the end, and I hated how Stefan became almost a regular for Family Matters. But other than that, Family Matters is nearly perfect.
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