Family Matters

Season 3 Episode 23

Robo Nerd 2

Aired Unknown Apr 24, 1992 on ABC



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    • Harriette: Steve, as soon as our hair grows back do you think Urklebot could take a DNA sample and track down those con men?
      Estelle: And snatch THEM bald headed?
      Steve: Well, he would, but he can't, so he won't.
      Rachel: What do you mean?
      Steve: Urklebot decided police work is too dangerous, so he's given it up and is becoming a dancer.

    • Steve: I've been working on Urkelbot.
      Lt. Murtagh: Urkelbutt?
      Carl: No, Lieutenant, Urkel-bot. Some crazy robot that Steve made that went insane and fell in love with my daughter.

    • Steve: That's when it hit me.
      Carl: The big idea?
      Steve: No, my robot, so I was fixing him, and that's when it hit me!
      Carl: But I thought you said you fixed it.
      Steve: No, the idea, Urkelbot needs a job, and THAT'S when it hit me.
      Carl: Another big idea.
      Steve: No, my robot. I didn't fix him after all.

    • Carl: (in disguise as a foreign convenience store clerk) As they say at the border of my country, "please come back."

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