Family Matters

Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Nov 01, 1991 on ABC

Episode Fan Reviews (2)

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  • Interesting creation of Steve Urkel

    Very entertaining episode. The way Michael Chambers moved in the robot suit was just awesome and I couldn't take my eyes off of it even though it was kinda creepy. The sort of frightening moment in the episode was when the robot started to hit on Laura at the end of the episode. I became kinda doubtful of whether Steve could actually stop the robot because of its great intelligence but he did and it was great. I also like the subplot which was Carl getting mad that his mother was going out. So overall, not to shabby for an episode and some weird moments but that doesn't take away from the totally splendid moments of the episode.
  • Okay episode.

    I thought this was a rather dragging episode of Family Matters. I didn't think the robot that Steve made was very funny at all. In fact, there were very few instances in which I thought were funny. I liked a few spots but not many. I will say that the acting was again decent. I also thought it was an entertaining episode when the robot wasn't on. The writing was average, the comedy was just okay, and the plots were average. Overall, this episode would have been much better had it not been so much focused on a ridiculous robot as much as it was. Thank you.
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