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Family Matters

Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Nov 01, 1991 on ABC



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    • Carl: Isn't this the second time you've gone dancing with him this week?
      Mother Winslow: So what?
      Carl: It seems that you're spending a lot of time with Fletcher.
      Mother Winslow: Carl, I am eighty years old, and he is eighty-three. We're spending so much time together because we don't have a lot of time left.

    • Mother Winslow: (coming in) Oh, I see the paper's not here yet.
      Carl: Momma, it is 6:15 in the morning. Where have you been?
      Mother Winslow: I was at Fletcher's.
      Carl: Was he there, too?
      Mother Winslow: And was he ever!

    • Mother Winslow: Carl, I'm your mother. You show me respect. I know you're stubborn as a mule, but you don't have to act like a jackass.

    • Laura: Steve, I want you to turn this thing [UrkelBot] into a go-cart.

    • Steve: Have you guys seen Laura?
      Eddie: Nope.
      Waldo: Sure you have. Pretty girl, dark hair… your sister for God's sake!
      Eddie: I meant I haven't seen her today.
      Waldo: Ohh… Cool.

    • (Steve is eating a frozen box of fish sticks)
      Laura: Steve, you're supposed to cook those!
      Steve: And lose that wonderful ocean taste?

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