Family Matters

Season 1 Episode 22

Rock Video

Aired Unknown Apr 30, 1990 on ABC

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  • Rappin' Winslows!

    Eddie is in a band and needs equipment. Steve comes to the rescue with his audio and video advantages from school. However, Eddie limits the lens to just himself and his band gets upset and leave him. But his great family comes to support him to try to win a music video contest and what do you know, it worked greatly in my opinion. And everyone pitched in from Carl, Harriette, Laura, Rachel, Judy, and don't forget Mother Winslow; who I give props to for her Aloha dance in front of Eddie and his band in the beginning. Props to the whole cast for the music video in which most people say is cheesy. Personally, I hate the word cheesy and I happen to think the music video was just completely awesome. Also really laughed at Steve bumping into everything in the garage which is one of the first times Steve is seen in a big clumsiness scene and also playing the accordion for the first time, I think. All around, this episode was perfect elation for ''Family Matters''. And this was a great way to end a plain, but fascinating first season.
  • Weird.

    I will admit that this episode was very odd and also very cheesy. But it was actually an okay episode overall, so not everything was a loss. I really didn't like the end results of the music video. I thought it was very cheesy and also kind of sappy. In fact, both versions were awful. I am surprised that they won a prize for it. One thing I liked was the storyline of Eddie being an ego maniac. I thought it was funny and also very much interesting. Overall, not a bad episode, but rather cheesy and predictable at times. Thank you.
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