Family Matters

Season 8 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Oct 25, 1996 on ABC

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  • Halloween Review #29


    Ventriloquist Steve's look-alike dummy comes alive on Halloween. This is definitely the best Halloween episode of "Family Matters" that I have ever seen. "Stevil" and "Stevil II" are my absolute favorite Halloween episodes of "Family Matters". There is just something about these Halloween episodes that makes me love them. Of course, these episodes aren't recommended to younger kids since there is a possibility that it will give them nightmares. I loved this episode... it had some funny parts along the way but it was also very scary and that Stevil ventriloquist dummy was creepy. The way he looks and the way he wants to kill Steve Urkel is kinda dark. I am always hooked on this episode plus "Stevil II". "Family Matters" proves that not only are they good at comedy but they are also good at drama and a little bit of horror. Overall, an excellent but scary Halloween episode of "Family Matters". 10/10

  • This Halloween Episode isn't the best, but it is a pretty good time.

    I'm not sure what episode DragonDude was watching, but Steve Urkel doesn't chop up the dummy and throw him in a blender. **Spoiler Warning** At the end of the episode, Urkel is attacked by Stevil. When Urkel screams, he wakes up, revealing that he had dreamed that Stevil came to life and attacked the Winslow's. The episode ends as Urkel walks out of the room, as Stevil sits staring at the camera.

    This is one of the better Family Matters Halloween Episodes. While it is predictable and even a little corny, it's still a good time and much better than Season 9's Halloween episode that features Stevil's return.
  • Not the best halloween Episode but it is good

    In this episode it's another halloween and this one is a spoof of chucky man I hate that guy. In this episode Steve gets a dummy that looks like him and somehow lighting hit the dummy and it comes to life just like chucky but he come to life with a soul and then Stevil which is the dummy's name and he is afters Steve's soul just like Chucky does they could of just come up with a other idea for this spoof then Steve gets an axe chops up Stevil and throw him in a bender and flush him in the toilet and ends Stevil or did it?