Family Matters

Season 9 Episode 7

Stevil II: This Time He's Not Alone

Aired Unknown Oct 31, 1997 on ABC

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  • Halloween Review #30


    Stevil, the evil ventriloquist dummy, is back to haunt Urkel, but now he's brought along a nightmarish sidekick, Carlsbad. Together Stevil and Carlsbad attempt to take over the souls of Urkel and Carl—wreaking havoc on the whole Winslow household. My final Halloween review for my weekend long Halloween Reviews Weekend which was from Saturday, October 29th, 2011-Monday, October 31st, 2011 (Halloween). My final Halloween review will be "Stevil II: This Time He's Not Alone". This episode and "Stevil" are my favorite Halloween episodes of "Family Matters". This episode is twice as more scary and creepy than "Family Matters". They really know how to handle horror storylines and it was very good. The fact that Stevil has a friend which is a ventriloquist dummy of Carl was awesome. I don't recommend younger kids watching this Halloween episode because it definitely is very scary and very dark. There were some funny parts but this was (of course) more of a scary and dark episode. Overall, this second and final Stevil (Halloween) episode of "Family Matters" was a success and I loved every moment of it and the fact that it's a horror episode makes me even better. 10/10

  • Some stupid doll comes back with a sidekick to torture the Winslows in the outrageously horrible Chucky knock-off.

    This episode is a perfect example of why I quit watching this show during the later seasons. It just got silly to the point of being stupid. I know its television and everything, but come one. Let's at least have a little bit of realism. I thought it was just ridiculous.