Family Matters

Season 4 Episode 1

Surely You Joust

Aired Unknown Sep 18, 1992 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Urkel and Carl appear on American Gladiators to try and settle their differences.

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  • Funny but weird.

    This was an okay episode. Not great, but not bad either. I didn't like the storyline of Steve and Carl yet again having to settle their differences through some stupid gimmick. I thought the gimmick was funny and entertaining, but just silly and unreal. They went on a show with American Gladiators and fought one another. They ended up going one on one at the end. They came close, but decided that they should be friends. Overall, this was an okay episode with some decent comedy and some okay bits here and there. I was entertained and also very much interested. Thank you.moreless
  • Everyone has pesky neighbors, but the way Carl and Steve handle their fued in this episode is pure sitcom genius.

    Given that most of this episode revolves around Steve and Carl this review will mainly follow their troubles throughout the episode. Also given Steve's clumbsiness, we can assume that the problem was mainly Steve's fault. So there's a huge problem between the two men but no way to humanely solve the situation. The solution: American Gladiators.

    American Gladiators was one of my favorite shows as a kid to watch on the weekend mornings and watching Steve and Carl duel it out on the American Gladiator stage brought a great sense of joy to my mind. Carls weight helped him overcome the jousting obstacle, with comedy, and Steve's 97-pound body was hilarious in escaping the rock wall.

    The conclusion of the episode was very Family-Matters-esque. Ending with a tie, and no desire to continue with more challenges, both Steve and Carl made up, and became buddies again.

    This episode, though not involving an entire cast, was abnormally funny, and very welcome. A great start to season four and hopes for much more!moreless

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  • QUOTES (6)

    • Waldo: Steve! Where are your glasses?
      Steve: I don't need 'em! I got contacts.
      Waldo: I don't care who you know! WHERE ARE YOUR GLASSES?!
      (Steve faces Turbo)
      Mother Winslow: Get him, honey! Knock him silly! KNOCK HIS LIGHTS OUT!!

    • (Sabre grabs Steve by the leg)
      Steve: AAH! Look! Look! Arnold Schwarzenegger!
      Sabre: Where?!
      (he accidentally lets go and is off the wall)
      Larry: OOH! Looks like Sabre was on the wrong end of THAT shoe.

    • Mike: Gentlemen, great news! It was a tie!
      Steve and Carl: WHAT?!
      Mike: You take a five-minute break and you get to do it all over again.
      (Steve and Carl refuse)

    • Carl: Let me go! I'll give you money.

    • Steve: You do love me, now I'll never quit! Lord gave me the strength I need to win for my woman! (Flexes then falls on the mat.)

    • Harriette: You hit my husband again, and you'll have to answer to me!
      (she slaps Turbo right in the face with her purse)
      Mike: Ooh! Turbo's down again!
      Larry: Yeah, spread the word: Don't mess with Mrs. Bonecrusher.

  • NOTES (7)

    • The opening tag of this episode at Rachel's Place was clearly taped for season 3. It seems to have been held back until the very beginning of this season because Steve and Laura look like they've aged during the rest of the episode.

    • The German episode title is "Kampf der Giganten", meaning "Battle of the Giants".

    • The opening credits have changed. Carl is seen walking through the front door, Harriette is shown in the backyard near the flowers, Mother Winslow is seen in her pink tennis outfit, Eddie is working on his car, Laura is shown in front of a mirror in her room with a dress, Judy is in the living room reading a book, Richie is seen on a bike in the backyard, Waldo is in the school gym with a basketball being thrown at his head, and Steve Urkel tries to get into the Winslow house when Carl, Harriette, Eddie, and Laura try to keep him out

    • Jaimee Foxworth (Judy) and Bryton McClure (Richie) don't appear in this episode. They're both credited, however.

    • The opening is now shortened. The syndicated version of "As Days Go By" is now used.

    • This is Shawn Harrison's first episode as a regular cast member.

    • In this episode and the three episodes that followed, certain cast members failed to make appearances. Jaimee Foxworth (Judy), Bryton McClure (Richie), Telma Hopkins (Rachel) (excluding two episodes), and Rosetta LeNoire (Mother Winslow) (excluding one episode) were nowhere to be found. At the beginning of this season the show changed its focus. Instead of a family show, it was more about Steve chasing Laura, and Eddie hanging out with Waldo.